Video: Digital Product Catalog: BuildLock KnockDown (KD)

Here’s a video from our Digital Product Catalog!   Video Transcript Video Transcript Welcome to BuildBlock’s Digital Product Catalog BuildBlock provides a wide variety of insulating concrete form products. Our one-stop shopping experience helps to make every job simple, cohesive, and efficient. This video is part of our Digital Product Catalog which is a series of videos that will cover our entire product line.   Today we’ll be taking a look at the BuildLock KnockDown, or KD, system. KnockDown systems are ICFs that are shipped as bundled panels and boxes of bridges based on the sizes needed for a project.


Video: How To Build A Fire Resistant ICF House

Here’s a video on fire-resistant construction in wildfire-prone areas! Video Transcript In this video, we’ll take you through a construction model of an ICF home that meets fire code standards. We’ll pay special attention to high-risk areas and give you practical suggestions on how to design and build. We’ll be using the framework of a simple, cost-effective home, that has a vented roof, but we’ll look at unvented roofs and concrete roofs that provide added protection and higher performance. We’ll start by going over how the walls are formed using our example model.   Starting with the basement, we poured


Press Release: BuildBlock to Partner with the NRMCA’s Build With Strength 2.0 Initiative

NRMCA Training

BuildBlock to Partner with the NRMCA and Habitat for Humanity Oklahoma City, OK—BuildBlock Building Systems, manufacturer of BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs), as a primary member of the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association is proud to partner with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) as a part of their Build With Strength 2.0 program. Through BWS2.0, the NRMCA is partnering with Habitat for Humanity International to provide safe and sustainable housing across the United States. As a partnered supplier, BuildBlock will be working with several Habitat builds over the next 5 years. BuildBlock will also be providing hands-on ICF


ICFs Aren’t Just for Basements

How an ICF House is Built

ICFs Aren’t Just for Basements Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are often used in below-grade applications. The insulation properties of ICFs make them an excellent solution for finished basements but over the past 20 years, ICFs have been growing in popularity as an above-grade construction solution. The same benefits apply for both below and above grade application, and the end-user enjoys exponential benefits when the entire structure is ICF. More and more, ICFs are being used to construct homes, mid-rise structures, schools, safe-rooms, and more. Build Virtually Any Design ICFs are an incredibly adaptable material to use for almost any design,


BuildBlock Webinar Schedule

BuildBlock Webinar Schedule BuildBlock Building Systems is the industry leader in ICF education. Our goal is to provide comprehensive training on a variety of ICF topics so that you’re ready to build when the time comes. We are happy to offer several educational tools for you to use. BuildBlock offers free online ICF training courses that teach proper installation of ICF walls, pools, finishing trades, and more. For quick instructional videos, check out the BuildBlock YouTube Channel! Additionally, this year BuildBlock will be hosting ICF training webinars each month that will cover a variety of topics– all for free! Check