About BuildBlock


We envision a world in which the benefits of energy-efficient, safe, healthy, comfortable, and sustainable ICF-constructed buildings and homes are brought to millions of people worldwide through the synergy of BuildBlock’s ICF Technology and the uncompromising integrity of BuildBlock’s Team of Distributors, Dealers, and Customers.


  • To harmoniously use the extraordinary gifts and talents of our Distributors and Dealers to fulfill the goals and dreams of millions of people who want to build better structures as reflected by our motto: “Build it once. Build it for life.”
  • To manufacture one of the most affordable and highest quality Insulating Concrete Forms available in the world today.
  • To build greatness by providing the resources and services needed for building successful ICF businesses and sustainable ICF structures.
  • To build an enduring, profitable company while conducting business with Godly character, fairness, and integrity.



We strive to balance the best interests of our distributors, dealers, customers, employees, and investors in an environment of Godly character and honesty.


We seek to educate the public on the valuable benefits of ICF structures while recognizing that in order to expand the industry, we must educate installers, architects, and engineers in ICF best practices.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to building a team of employees that are inspired, empowered, and driven to meet the ever-changing needs of our distributors, dealers, and customers while we seek to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.


We value and invest heavily in innovation while striving to continually expand our product line through the development of technologically advanced products.


We are committed to producing the finest quality products. We stand by the belief that our brand embodies quality, consistency, user satisfaction, and service.


We are committed to the strong work ethic and financial prudence necessary to deliver optimal financial results for our business partners and investors and to ensure a long-term profitable relationship for years to come.


We are dedicated to empowering people to improve and enrich their lives and the world around them.