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BuildBlock Launches First Online Ordering System in ICF Industry


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BuildBlock Launches First Online Ordering System in ICF Industry

(Oklahoma City, OK, August 24, 2005) — BuildBlock Building SystemsTM LLC has launched the first online ordering system in the ICF industry. The new MyBuildBlock Online Ordering System positions BuildBlockTM as a strong contender in the ICF market.

The online ordering system was a key part of BuildBlock CEO Mike Garrett’s vision when he started BuildBlock in late 2004. With over 12 years of experience as a top ICF distributor, he knows what it’s like to work in the field all day and try to place ICF orders in the evenings and on weekends. “MyBuildBlock is much more than a convenient way to place orders with us,” said Garrett. “Customers can use it to configure truckloads and get freight estimates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No more waiting for office hours to get the information they need.”

MyBuildBlock is also designed to meet the needs of the emerging owner-builder market, homeowners who are acting as the general contractor for their new home construction and placing their own ICF orders. “My goal was to use today’s technology to adapt the ICF industry to the needs of today’s customers,” Garrett said. “It’s most cost-efficient to buy ICFs by the truckload. Figuring out how many of the various sizes of forms will fill out a truckload has always been difficult and time-consuming for experienced ICF buyers, much less the novice. With MyBuildBlock, the customer enters the number of each size of form they need into the system and it figures how many more forms will fit in the truck. It’s a huge time saver.”

The system allows users to shop anonymously or set up their own MyBuildBlock account. Either way, they can view ICF and accessory pricing, configure truckloads, and get freight estimates. Users who choose to set up a free MyBuildBlock account can also save orders in their “shopping carts” for future purchases, place orders, secure freight quotes, and submit payment.

MyBuildBlock required a considerable investment, but we know its value will have a positive and lasting effect,” said Terrisa Bruce, BuildBlock’s Marketing Director. “Not only for BuildBlock but for the entire ICF industry. Anything that makes ICFs less mysterious and more accessible to users advances the market.”

The new MyBuildBlock Online Ordering System is available to the public at

BuildBlock Building Systems LLC is the manufacturer of BuildBlockTM insulating concrete forms. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, BuildBlock serves the U.S., Canada, and Mexico through its manufacturing facilities in Colorado, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Idaho, Indiana, and Florida, with several new locations soon to be announced.