BuildBlock’s Alfonso Nieves named to Governor’s International Team

Alfonso Nieves

BuildBlock is proud to announce Alfonso Nieves, our Latin American Sales Executive, has been named to the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team. The Governor’s International Team, or GIT, is a select group of citizens with representation from private industry, government, education and non-profit organizations. Their mission is to create a stronger Oklahoma in the global economy through business development supported by a climate of international focus by the general public. Their activities are done in partnership with the Oklahoma Secretary of State and Oklahoma Department of Commerce. “I am very excited and fortunate to be working with such an important group of experienced


Creating Bare ICF Concrete Walls for Stairwells, Elevator Shafts, Warehouses

BuildBlock’s Hardwall is used for creating Bare ICF Concrete Walls for Stairwells, Elevator Shafts, Warehouses. In commercial applications such as elevator shafts, warehouses, and stairwells a bare concrete wall may be required to meet fire codes. This can easily be accomplished using an ICF wall system and maintain insulation value. Even more insulation value can be retained by integrating the BuildBlock ThermalSert insulation insert into the wall. BuildBlock Knockdown ICF forms have multiple uses aside from the traditional ICF form. They have been used to build footing forms, pilasters and other custom structural and architectural pieces. One innovative way to use these forms,