BuildBlock ICF Form FeaturesBuildBlock ICF Forms install quickly and easily with no need for special tools. BuildBlock takes special care to design benefits into our blocks that are focused on providing the highest quality product and save you time and money during the installation. We all want your project to be as cost-effective as possible and to prevent mistakes that are a hassle later.


BuildBlock Benefit

Completely Reversible  & Assembled block

Ultimate flexibility and ease of use; faster installation, less waste. No top,  bottom, left, or right. Corner forms work for either left or right corners. BuildBlock forms are is completely reversible. No onsite assembly required; no labor time wasted.

Standard sizing for consistent results.

The 16-inch block height and 4-foot lengths makes it .More easily adapted to non-ICF home plans; less waste when cutting around doors and windows; this size block produces the most efficient use of the material.

Deep Foam Panels on each side with insulated studs and integrated vapor barrier.

Thick 2.5″ BuildBlock foam panels on each side deliver R-22 insulation that performs far greater. The foam depth allows you to easily install electrical and plumbing in the foam. The 15″ web height and 16″ block height provide a 1″ foam runner to easily make horizontal runs.

Interlocking connection design

The BuildBlock interlock uses 100% surface to surface connection to make sure that Blocks easily stack and securely lock into place; greatly reduces the need for tape or glue in installation procedures.

1-inch repeating cut pattern

The BuildBlock interlock repeats every inch. This means you can trim as little as 1″ and continue using the block. Any piece that is cut off that has a web in it can be used elsewhere in the wall. BuildBlock ICFs provide more layout options; more attachment points, less waste and no mismatched connections.

Molded-in tape measure and cut lines

A molded-in tape measure on the face of the block with vertical cut lines makes cuts faster, easier and straighter. Horizontal cut lines every 2-inches makes it easy to cut blocks for door and window openings, install bucking, and integrate BuildDeck.

High-density plastic web, molded in place every 6 inches

6-inch spacing makes for a stronger form than the 8-inch spacing found in most other ICFs. The plastic web doesn’t transmit sound or conduct heat or cold.

Near full-height, 1-1/2″ wide web

Provides maximum strength and sheetrock attach points while leaving one inch between courses for easy electrical and plumbing installation.  Also, the 1-1/2″ wide web matches the width of a 2″x4″ stud.

Completely symmetrical web

Produces two identical halves when the form is cut in two horizontally.

Open web design

Allows for optimum concrete flow

Deep snap-in rebar fingers hold two 5/8″ rebar in place

No need for rebar ties; faster installation.

Extra heavy-duty attachment points (450 lbs.+) every 6 inches horizontally

Allows for super secure attachment of bracing or heavy cabinetry. Don’t trust anything less for your fine china!

Longer corner forms with molded-in, 2-1/2″ wide corner web

Eliminates the need for additional strapping during installation and pour. Also, the 2-1/2″ x 6″ (each direction) web provides superior attachment surfaces.