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Your complete Insulated Concrete Forms Construction System.

The BuildBlock ICF product family delivers a complete solution for ICF projects of any size or complexity. Build your home using the most energy-efficient and disaster-resilient material on the market today. ICFs assemble faster with less hassle and cost than any other system.

BuildBlock ICF Features

Learn more about the features and benefits that make BuildBlock ICF the most installer friendly ICF system on the market. Professionals choose BuildBlock to save time and money on the job site. 

Built-in insulated web studs every 6-inches with the same strength as standard studs.
Patented "BB" High Density Hard Points deliver 450lbs. of pullout strength for attaching heavy fixtures such as cabinets.
The patented BuildBlock interlock is the tightest on the market eliminating costly clips, zip ties and other unnecessary costs.
The patented BuildBlock interlock is self-draining to prevent accumulation of ice, snow, and frozen water on the job site saving time and money.
Tongue and groove interlocks on the end of each block help keep blocks aligned keeping walls straight and plumb.

Vertical cut lines every inch works with the molded-in ruler to make straight cuts easy and fast on the job site.

Half-height cut lines make cutting half-height blocks simple and straightforward.
Horizontal cut lines every 2-inches make cutting half-height blocks or other sizes easy and straightforward.
bb-600 straight

Why Choose BuildBlock ICF Forms

Choose BuildBlock ICFs to build a more energy-efficient and structurally sound building. BuildBlock designs products that naturally work together and eliminate the need for costly accessories such as clips or zip ties. The unique web design allows for better concrete flow and improved strength, and superior service, training, and support ensure you can make your project a success.

Smooth and simple. Whether your first ICF project or 1000th, done right every time.

Complete ICF Solution

BuildBlock manufactures a complete ICF solution for projects of any size or complexity. Form sizes from 4″-12″+, floor and roof decking, bucking, and more.

100% Fully Revserible

BuildBlock ICFs are 100% reversible. BuildBlock ICFs always fit no matter which way you turn it.

Longer Corner Forms

BuildBlock 90° and 45° ICF corner blocks are 6″ longer on each leg than the industry standard preventing corner pullout, keeping walls straight and plumb.

Molded Tape Measure
& Cut Lines Block Face

All BuildBlock ICFs have numbered vertical cut lines and molded-in horizontal cut lines . This makes it easy to get the right size each and every time.

Dedicated Customer Service

BuildBlock provides customer and technical support resources for all types of users. Detailed installation manuals, how-to videos, engineering manuals, and more all to ensure your job is done

6-Inch Web Spacing

All BuildBlock ICFs use webs spaced every 6-inches. This delivers more strength, straighter walls, and the strongest block on the market.

Tightest Block Interlock

The tight interlock pattern ensures the blocks fit snugly together, don’t float when poured, eliminating time-consuming zip ties and costly clips.

1″ Repeating Pattern & Lowest Waste

Lowest waste in the industry. The 1″ repeating pattern lets you cut off as little as 1″ and still be able to fully interlock the block in a wall. Use it all in your wall.

Any scraps with at least one web can be integrated into the wall without sacrificing strength.

Strong Embedded Studs are Insulated Every 6"

BuildBlock webs provide embedded studs anchored to the concrete 1/2″ below the block surface to prevent thermal bridging and strong secure attachments.

Patented High-Density Hard Attachment Points

Each web has two high-density 450lb.+ hard attachment points spaced every 8″ vertically to attached heavy cabinetry, bracing, and more directly to the ICF.

Truly Green & Sustainable Construction

BuildBlock ICFs build a structure that will last for generations, with reduced maintenance, and few additional costs. Build it once, build it for life.

Disaster Resilient By Default

ICFs have a 4-hour fire rating, withstand winds in excess of 150mph, and eliminate outside noise keeping you safe and comfortable.


ICFs can be used to build any structure and nearly any design.

Residential Homes

ICFs are perfect to build your entire home. This provides maximum energy efficiency and disaster resilience.

Stem Walls, Foundations, Basements & Safe Rooms

ICFs are the fastest way to build basements and foundations. Solid insulation, strong walls, and worry-free construction.

Multifamily, Duplexes, and High Density Residential

Building multi-family structures, hotels, motels, and other high-density housing is fast and safer than any other building method.

Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Buildings

Freestanding office space, retail, and other structures all benefit from reduced lifecycle costs, maintenance, increased building safety and disaster resistance.

Schools, Churches &
Houses of Worship

BuildBlock ICFs deliver safe, comfortable, and disaster-resilient environment for schools, churches, hospitals, warehouses, and industrial buildings all benefit from ICF construction.

Swimming Pools &
Water Features

Build faster, extend your pool season with an insulated pool without sacrificing design options.

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