BuildBlock ICF

BuildBlock HardWall uses BuildLock Knockdown ICFs to create an
insulated ICF wall on one side and a bare concrete wall on the other. Exposed concrete walls are commonly used aesthetically as well as in stairwells, elevator shafts, and other life safety areas.

BuildBlock HardWall

This system offers the same or greater insulation value when used with ThermalSert Insulation Inserts inside the wall cavity against the outside wall panel. This system is used primarily in commercial applications where no flammable material may be present such as emergency stairwells and elevator shafts as well as warehouses and industrial buildings where utility and impact resistance is required.

The initial BuildBlock HardWall solved this challenge by using BuildLock ICF panels combined with web bridges and the webs normally molded into EPS panels. Plywood or other suitable materials is cut and attached to the assembled forms as they are stacked. This worked well, but left the full attachment strips exposed and required significant finishing to hide them.

BuildBlock HardWall Block

The New BuildBlock HardWall Connector

The new BuildBlock HardWall connector extends a BuildLock web bridge 2-1/2 inches to the edge of what is normally the EPS foam. The BuildBlock HardWall connector connects to any size of web bridge. The outer edge of the connector provides an attachment point for wood, cement board, or other suit able forming material. The end of the connector also contains a removable cap with a guide hole for screws. Once the wall is poured and the forming material is removed the cap may be left in place as an attachment point for wall finishes, or removed and the ½-in hole filled with patch or other material.

The new HardWall Connector provides the ultimate flexibility to finish the concrete wall. Additional insulation may be added by adding BuildBlock ThermalSert sheets inside the wall cavity against the outside wall panel. 

BuildBlock Knockdown ICF forms have multiple uses aside from the traditional ICF form. They have been used to build footing forms, pilasters and other custom structural and architectural pieces. One innovative way to use these forms, and save labor at the same time is to attach sheathing (either cement fiber board, plywood, OSB or another sheet material to the web inserts without the foam panel molded onto them.

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