The BuildBlock YouTube Channel updates regularly with Product Videos, How To Videos, ICF Project Tours, and more. Learn more about how BuildBlock ICF products can make your project disaster resilient, energy-efficient, safe, and comfortable.

Featured Videos

BuildBlock prides itself on providing exceptional information and training through the use of high-quality video production. Below you’ll find a small sampling of BuildBlock videos. For our full library of over 60 videos, visit us on YouTube.

An Introduction to BuildBlock ICFs

Learn more about BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms and the entire BuildBlock Building System.

Find BuildBlock BIM Models & CAD Details inside your favorite apps!

The ICF Installer Training Series

Join us for an educational walk through of the ICF building process. From the early planning phases to pouring concrete to finishing walls, this 20 video series will provide the basic knowledge you need to have a successful ICF build. Click here to view all the videos in the series. For an in-depth approach to ICF training sign up for the free online training course.


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The Drew Castle Tour

Visit the Drew Castle under construction in southeastern Michigan using BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms. This is a 6 video series (with more to come) documenting the construction of this incredible ICF Castle.

Building a BuildBlock ICF Basement

This video takes you through a pre-pour review demonstrating wall stacking strategies for your basement or first-floor walls. See each step with tips and suggestions for your project.