Welcome to the BuildBlock Gallery. BuildBlock ICFs are the perfect building material for any type of project. Below you will find links to a large collection of images and project profiles representing both residential and commercial projects.


residential-projectsResidential Projects

Building a new home with ICFs results in increased energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. BuildBlock provides the materials to create a safe, quite, disaster resilient living environment for you and your family.

industrial-projectsIndustrial Projects

BuildBlock ICFs deliver superior strength, safety, and performance in any design. Industrial projects, blast-proof structures, cisterns, disaster resilient structures, and critical infrastructure all benefit from the most installer friendly ICF.

mixed-use-projectsMixed-Use Projects

ICFs are a perfect choice for low and mid-rise mixed-use commercial projects. Quicker construction, reduced maintenance, increased life safety and comfort all with extreme energy efficiency.


BuildBlock Institutional Structures combine the strength, efficiency, and flexibility of ICFs to provide a safe, comfortable, and beautiful space for any gathering.

multifamily-projectsMultiFamily Projects

BuildBlock ICFs are a perfect choice for any size MultiFamily project. Quicker construction, reduced maintenance, increased life safety and comfort all with extreme energy efficiency.

BuildBlock ICFs are the strongest and most energy-efficient building material available today. ICFs are used every day to build low to mid-rise multifamily residential, schools, churches, office buildings, retail space, and other commercial structures. Commercially, ICFs deliver proven energy efficiency, significantly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, increased tenant comfort & satisfaction, faster construction, and disaster resilience.

At BuildBlock we are passionate about helping contractors, engineers, architects, and community planners build sustainable, energy-efficient, and disaster resistant structures.

-Mike Garrett, CEO
BuildBlock Building Systems

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Basic ICF Construction in 22 Steps

Basic ICF Construction in 22 Steps

Quickly step through the basic steps in ICF construction. This short article will show you what to expect, start to finish.


BuildBlock Howto Build Section

The BuildBlock Howto Section breaks down much of the ICF construction process. Not just an online installation manual it expands into tips, tricks, and techniques to make your ICF project simple and straightforward.


Learn How To Estimate ICFs

Learn how to quickly estimate the number blocks necessary to build your project. Download the BuildBlock Estimate Tool and other resources today.


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