“Licensing BuildBlock ICF Products & Technology in your country brings you directly to market saving thousands of hours of product development, engineering, and research.”

BuildBlock has spent more than 10 years refining and developing a complete ICF construction system and business model that is cost effective and scalable. Jump start manufacturing in your country and leverage the expertise and resources of the most installer friendly ICF in the world.

BuildBlock Product Licensing

What Does a BuildBlock License Mean?

Licensing BuildBlock ICF Products & Technology in your country or territory provides you access to all current and future BuildBlock products. This saves you R&D and sunk capital costs that may take years to recoup. Licensing BuildBlock also provides products with an outstanding reputation in the industry. BuildBlock also provides access to all training materials, manuals, training, and technical support resources to ensure you have the best information possible to adapt to your market.

BuildBlock will work with you to create a successful business model in your country or territory through product offerings, training and support.

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What Products Can be Licensed?


Your complete Insulated Concrete Forms Construction System.

The BuildBlock ICF product family delivers a complete solution for ICF projects of any size or complexity. Build your home using the most energy-efficient and disaster-resilient material on the market today. ICFs assemble faster with less hassle and cost than any other system.

Who Should License BuildBlock?

Existing Manufacturers

The best candidates for a BuildBlock license are companies that are already familiar with manufacturing EPS or foam products. This isn’t required, but these licensees typically have the best understanding of the manufacturing process, raw material supply chains, distribution, and experience marketing and selling foam products.

Concrete & Construction Industry Professionals

Individuals or companies with substantial experience in concrete production and construction are another types of license candidates. They typically understand how to sell the product to complement their existing businesses and understand market forces in their territory to be the most successful.

Successful Markets

The most successful markets for ICFs and licensing are countries or territories that have a demand for growth in concrete construction. This can be driven by economic or governmental factors such as energy efficiency requirements or safety concerns. Areas where disaster resilience from severe or extreme weather are also good markets. the market must also be able to accomodate the cost differences of ICFs and support both manufacturing and construction.

BuildBlock ICF Product Bundles

How Does Licensing Work?

If you believe that you are a good candidate for licensing BuildBlock in your country or territory, begin by completing the interest form at the bottom of this page.

Once we have your basic information, we will reach out to you and answer your basic questions about the process. Though much of the information is available on this website. The next step of the process is the initial license application. This combined with a small deposit will allow us to begin the research and legal work to evaluate and secure a license in your country.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are substantial costs involved in starting any business and more so in opening new markets. Choosing to license BuildBlock ICF products in your country will jump start your business without the long lead times to develop new products.

This isn’t an easy question to answer. There are several decisions that affect the total cost to bring BuildBlock ICFs to your country or territory. Factors such as product mix, web production, first or third party manufacturing, and supply chain logistics, all affect the total cost to start ICF production.

The costs are broken out into the following areas:

  • BuildBlock Territory License Fee
  • ICF Molds Purchase
  • Web Mold Purchase or Web Import Costs
  • Manufacturing Facility Setup Costs
  • Raw Material Costs

Request More Information

If you’re interested in more information about the licensing process, Please fill out the form and submit the form below with your basic information. Our staff will reach out to you and answer your basic questions about the process.

Learn How to Get Started

Learn more about taking advantage of the landmark opportunity Insulating Concrete Forms currently represent. Due to increasing governmental and consumer demands for structures that are more energy efficient, easier and faster to build, more comfortable to occupy, and less susceptible to natural disasters, the tipping point is quickly approaching in markets worldwide for ICFs to dominate as the building material of the future. 

Begin the License Process

If you have decided that pursuing a license in your own country or territory is what you want to do, click the button below to complete the International License Initial Application.