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BuildBlock ICF Training

BuildBlock provides training materials through this website and our Youtube Channel. Additionally, BuildBlock Distributors provide training in their areas. Our technical staff is only a phone call or email away when you need them most.

Our technical documentation, installer manuals, and How To Build guides are available any time on our website. BuildBlock also provides updated training information in the video section of our website and through our YouTube channel. http://youtube.com/buildblockicf/

Our technical staff can also provide on-site technical services during your project or a custom training course for your staff for an additional fee. Contact us today for more information.

BuildBlock also conducts a distributor convention every few years.  Whether it is networking with other BuildBlock distributors, learning new tips & tricks, or polishing their business every attendee said they recommend this training to others and found it to be a good value for the investment.

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BuildBlock's ICF Installer Training Video Series

Welcome to the BuildBlock ICF Installer Training Video Series. This videos are intended to be an educational walk through of the ICF building process. From the early planning phases to pouring concrete and finishing walls, this series will provide the basic knowledge you need to have a successful BuildBlock ICF build.

You can use the playlist above to watch them in order or choose which video you want from the list. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Choose the video from the list to see each section in order, or you can browse the playlist below or on our YouTube Channel.

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This is the best ICF training in the industry. Great, comprehensive approach combining text, videos, and quizzes.


I was completely new to ICFs. After the online course and the videos, I’m pretty pumped for my first project


I would definitely recommend this training to others. I learned a lot and the networking was very valuable.

BuildBlock Distributor