BuildBlock ICF Multifamily projects keep people safe and are strong and efficient. BuildBlock ICFs are a perfect choice for any size project. Quicker construction, reduced maintenance, increased life safety and comfort all with extreme energy efficiency.

Featured Multi-Family Projects

BuildBlock ICFs are the strongest and most energy-efficient building material
available today for multifamily projects of all sizes, shapes, and location.

ICFs are used every day to build low to mid-rise multifamily residential, schools, churches, office buildings, retail space, and other commercial structures. Commercially, ICFs deliver proven energy efficiency, significantly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, increased tenant comfort & satisfaction, faster construction, and disaster resilience.

icf Multifamily project

The Brownstones at Maywood Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Brownstones at Maywood Park was early in the rejuvenation and rebirth of housing in Oklahoma City’s urban core. This development of luxury multifamily housing using BuildBlock ICFs demonstrated unique design, energy efficiency, and disaster resilience.

Valencia Heights, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

With its beautiful European styling and elegant wrap-around balconies, Valencia Heights represents ICF construction at its best.  This well-installed ICF project exposed developers and builders in the Caymans to the value and benefits of ICF construction.


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Grand Cayman ICF Multi-Family