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The Home Builder REvolution

General guidance based on the evolution of US Building Codes, specifically energy-efficiency demands in California and disaster resilience. Along coastal and high risk areas is that homes will be built drastically different over the coming decades.

Conventional wisdom is that most homes in the US will be net zero by 2030 (California by 2020) and homes along the coast and in high risk areas will require both strong fire resistance and high wind and impact resistance.

Strongly consider adding ICFs to your home construction options.

Future Proofing Design and Construction

Companies and developers are always looking for ways to differentiate their structures in the marketplace and increase their overall profits. When you offer insulating concrete form construction, you present the solution to their problems.Whether being built for owner-occupancy, lease, or sale, an ICF structure stands out in the crowd. The enormous energy savings and exceptional comfort, quiet, strength and permanence are an unbeatable combination. ICF construction is the very best option for many structures from homes and multi-family dwellings to retail stores, warehouses, office buildings, schools, government buildings, churches and more. And BuildBlock is the best ICF option for the job.

BuildBlock insulating concrete forms are fully assembled and ready to stack. There’s no waste of man-hours spent assembling webs and foam. The fully-reversible forms feature a unique web design (patent pending) which runs nearly the full height of the block, for increased strength. The web is molded-in, accommodating any finish, and has heavy-duty attachment points for stronger bracing, shoring, and connections.

BuildBlock insulating concrete forms have the measuring tape and cutting marks built in, making installation faster and easier. By design, the block repeats itself every inch, making it possible to create a factory-edge at each and every inch of the block for minimal waste.

BuildBlock is priced at or below ICF blocks of comparable quality and ships from manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. We encourage you to browse through our site to learn more about insulating concrete forms, ICF construction or how BuildBlock can help enhance your business.


It isn’t an overstatement to say you are the backbone of the ICF industry. Regardless of the benefits of insulating concrete forms or of how well they are manufactured, the success of any ICF structure depends on the installation. And the success of the ICF industry depends on the experienced, professional installers.

If you pride yourself on plumb walls, solid pours, and happy customers, we want you as a BuildBlock installer. The BuildBlock insulating concrete form wall system was designed with you in mind. Please browse through our website and see what we have to offer you.

Looking for information on how to build with ICFs? BuildBlock has created a completely free, online training course on how to build with ICFs. Register and enroll in classes today!

ICFs for Contractors & Installers August 12, 2013