Build your multifamily project with BuildBlock ICFs to save time, labor, and materials during construction and deliver disaster resilience, reduced maintenance, fire resistance, and energy efficiency for your investment.

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are best choice to build your multifamily project. Disaster resilience in coastal areas, extreme fire resistance, outstanding noise cancellation, unmatched comfort, reduced maintenance, and extreme energy efficiency deliver the best value for your investment.

BuildBlock provides a comprehensive set of CAD Details containing product information, connection details, and best practices.

BIM models for all BuildBlock products. From concept through completion, these tools help architects, designers, and owners create cost-effective, energy-efficient projects.

Installation Resources

The BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual provides a comprehensive resource for building any structure, anywhere.

BuildBlock provides comprehensive prescriptive engineering tables as a starting point for commercial engineering including tall wall engineering, above and below grade, and FEMA 361 community safe room design.

BuildBlock ICFs are fully tested and code compliant with the IRC/IBC. BuildBlock also maintains specialty approvals in Florida, Miami-Dade, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, New York City, and others.


Looking for resources to design your project?

Use BuildBlock CAD & BIM objects to create your project.

Educational Publications

Review the brochures and guides below to gain a better understanding of the benefits of building and designing with with ICFs. Comfort, safety, disaster resilience, reduced costs and increased energy efficiency are ust a few of the many every day benefits of an ICF home.


Featured Content

Quickly step through the basic steps in ICF construction. This short article will show you what to expect, start to finish.

The BuildBlock Howto Section breaks down much of the ICF construction process. Not just an online installation manual it expands into tips, tricks, and techniques to make your ICF project simple and straightforward.

Learn how to quickly estimate the number blocks necessary to build your project. Download the BuildBlock Estimate Tool and other resources today.