Video: Restoring Old Buildings With ICFs

Hear longtime BuildBlock ICF Installer, Jay Ladwig, discuss the incredible possibilities of restoring old buildings with Insulating Concrete Forms. We also met with Richard Simunek, who chose BuildBlock ICFs to restore an old gas station, turning it into a beautiful Airbnb. Video Transcript: “We’re in Hennessey, Oklahoma and the project we’re on is the Hike project. The project is a 4,200 square feet processing facility that we’re building. Total ICF enclosure for processing beef cattle, generally considered to be a farm-how farmers market their own beef direct. Tradition, as we always knew, is the enemy in construction. You know when I


Video: ICFs and Habitat for Humanity

icfs and habitat for humanity

We talked to Rob Lochner, Construction Director with Habitat For Humanity Santa Fe, about his experience using Insulating Concrete Forms on two recent Habitat builds. These builds are part of a national program spearheaded by the NRMCA in association with Habitat for Humanity International, the ICFMA, and the ACPA. To read more about this initiative, click here: For a brief overview of this project, click here: For more testimonials, click here: To learn more about BuildBlock, click here: To learn more about the ICFMA, click here: Video Transcript:      So I’ve been with Santa


ICF Review: First Time ICF Builders Give Their Honest Impressions

icf review

About This Video BuildBlock visited Santa Fe New Mexico in November of 2021 to assist in the build of 2 Habitat for Humanity Homes. Watch this video to hear from several volunteers on what it was like building with BuildBlock ICFs for the first time! These builds are part of a national program spearheaded by the NRMCA in association with Habitat for Humanity International, the ICFMA, and the ACPA. To read more about this initiative, click here. For a brief overview of this project, click here. To learn more about BuildBlock, click here. To learn more about the ICFMA, click


Video: Project Overview: Santa Fe Habitat For Humanity Builds With ICFs

In November 2021, BuildBlock traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico to assist on two ICF builds in partnership with the ICFMA, NRMCA, and Habitat For Humanity International. Over the next 5 years, the NRMCA hopes to build an ICF home in each US state and BuildBlock is proud to be a part of several of these builds. Thanks to all of the volunteers and congratulations to the member families on your new home! Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more stories from this project! ICFMA: NRMCA: Santa Fe Habitat For Humanity: Build With Strength: American Concrete


Video: BuildBuck Product Overview and Installation

  Here’s a quick video on our BuildBuck ICF bucking product! Video Transcript Hi, I’m Micah Garrett with BuildBlock building systems. In this video, we’ll cover how to cut, install, and brace BuildBuck. BuildBuck is an EPS foam bucking system that creates openings for doors and windows. Designed to cap and finish an ICF wall, it provides added insulation, better seals openings, and provides insulated attachments for installing doors and windows. BuildBuck is 52 inches in length and 48 inches nominally. It has embedded concrete anchors to secure it in place and is molded for four inch, and six inch,


Video: Installing Garage Doors on an ICF Wall

garage attachment

  Video Transcript Hi, I’m Micah Garrett with BuildBlock Building Systems. One of the common questions we often get is how to finish a garage door. Today, we’re gonna take some time to walk you through a couple of different approaches for how you might finish and install a garage door. When installing a garage door, there are really four considerations you need to take into account. First, you need to think about your rough opening size and how you’re going to support and give attach points for your garage door and finishes. Second, it’s important to think about how


Video: ICF Waterproofing with PolyWall Building Solutions

Video Transcript I’m Dan Thomas, the Business Development Manager for PolyWall Building Solutions. We’re a division of PolyGuard products, an employee-owned, Texas-based manufacturer of a number of different air and water barrier systems. The particular system we’ve got on this project is our PolyWall Homestretch membrane. This is designed specifically for ICF construction however it can also be used as waterproofing for traditional poured concrete and CMU block walls. The first step in preparation to install the waterproofing is to create a clean and dry working surface for yourself. So if the ICFs have been exposed for any length of


ICF Bucking System – BuildBuck

icf bucking

In this video, we go over the many features and advantages of the BuildBuck ICF bucking system. Video Transcription Hi, my name is Micah Garrett with BuildBlock Building Systems today, we’re going to talk about our BuildBuck ICF bucking system. This buck system is designed to go with your ICF block. This system will encase your block and allow you to have an attachment point for all your windows. The beauty of this system is that it’s the same type of material as the rest of your ICF block and so when you’re trying to finish or attach windows to


Hilltop Project – Footing Construction

footing construction

In this episode of the Hilltop Project, the builders have finished excavating the build site and are ready to start constructing the forms for the footings. Video TranscriptionThe Morse family, the owner/builder of the Hilltop Project, is moving along nicely prepping the site for their future home. The site has been fully excavated and leveled, the ground is marked to show where the footings will go, and the builder has started to dig out these areas. After some delays due to rain, the builder has completed the dig and is now ready to build the forms for the footings. Due


How to Repair a Damaged ICF Wall Section

ICF repair

In this short video, DIY home-builder Chris shows you how he repaired a piece of ICF wall after it was damaged by wild animals. Video Transcription:  Here’s how to repair a rather fantastic hole that some wild dogs tore into the side of this building. Apparently, a small animal had gotten inside the wall and the dogs chewed this wall out to get to it. Now we’re lucky, you see, that the webs are in place. What I’ve done, we’ve cut another piece that matches it. I’ve chosen to take some that have webs in it so they embed in