BuildBlock CAD Details & Technical Drawings

Below you can download each BuildBlock CAD Details & Technical Drawings in PDF or DWG format. If you would like to download the entire detail set in one archive, please click the link below.

Individual CAD Details

01BuildBlock 6-inch Straight Form2/2017
01aBuildBlock 4-inch Straight Form2/2017
02BuildBlock 6-inch 90 degree & 45 degree Corner Forms2/2017
02aBuildBlock 4-inch 90 degree & 45 degree Corner Forms2/2017
03BuildBlock 8-inch Straight Form2/2017
04BuildBlock 8-inch 90 & 45 degree Corner Forms2/2017
04aBuildLock Knockdown 8-inch Straight Panel2/2017
04bBuildLock Knockdown 10-inch Straight Panel2/2017
04cBuildLock Knockdown 12-inch Straight Panel2/2017
04dBuildLock Knockdown 10-inch 90-degree Panel2/2017
04eBuildLock Knockdown 12-inch 90-degree Panel2/2017
056″ Ledge Block2/2017
05a8″ Ledge Block2/2017
05a18″ Ledge Block Stirrup Reinforcement2/2017
05a26″ Ledge Block Stirrup Reinforcement2/2017
05b6″ Double Taper Top Block2/2017
05c8″ Double Taper Top Block2/2017
05d8″ BuildDeck Floor Panel2/2017
05e10″ BuildDeck Floor Panel2/2017
05f12″ BuildDeck Floor Panel2/2017
05g12″ BuildDeck Floor Planel + 2″ EPS12/2015
D-5BuildDeck 1200+4 12/2015
D-6BuildDeck 1200+6 12/2015
D-7BuildDeck 1200+8 12/2015
D-8BuildDeck Longspan Stirrups 12/2015
061-Story Brick Veneer12/2015
071-Story Stucco12/2015
081-Story Siding12/2015
09Wood Frame on BuildBlock Stem12/2015
10BuildBlock Stem & Crawl Space12/2015
11BuildBlock Stem & Log Wall12/2015
11aBuildBlock Stem & Log Wall12/2015
12BuildBlock Basement & Log Wall12/2015
12aBuildBlock Basement, Taper Unit & Log Wall12/2015
13Basement with Brick 1 or 2 story BuildBlock Above12/2015
13aBasement with Stucco 1 or 2 Stories Above12/2015
13bWall Detail with Sill Plate & Slope Roof12/2015
13cBasement with Siding on 1 Story BuildBlock and 2nd Floor Frame Above12/2015
13dBasement with 1 or 2 story BuildBlock Above12/2015
14Typical Wall & Floor Intersections 6-inch ICF12/2015
14aTypical Wall & Floor Intersections 8-inch ICF12/2015
14bTypical floor Wall Intersections12/2015
15Simpson ICF Connectors – Installation12/2015
15aSimpson ICF Connectors – Placement12/2015
15bSimpson ICF Connectors – Plate ConnectionsN/A12/2015
15cSimpson ICF Connectors – Truss ConnectionsN/A12/2015
15dSimpson ICF Connectors – Wood & Steel LedgersN/A12/2015
15eSimpson ICF Connectors – Load TablesN/A12/2015
15fSimpson ICF Connectors – OverviewN/A12/2015
16Ledge Block Application 112/2015
17Ledge Block Application 212/2015
18Ledge Block Application 312/2015
19Masonry Ledge Form Details12/2015
20Basement Foundation12/2015
21Basement & Wood Frame12/2015
22Frame Sole Plate Intersection12/2015
23Wood Frame Stucco on BuildBlock Basement12/2015
23aWood Frame Stucco on BuildBlock Basement12/2015
23bWood Frame Stucco on BuildBlock Crawl Space12/2015
23cStucco on BuildBlock & Crawl Space12/2015
23dSiding on BuildBlock Crawl Space12/2015
23eBrick on BuildBlock Crawl Space12/2015
23fWood Frame Stucco on BuildBlock Basement12/2015
24BuildBlock on Piers12/2015
25BuildBlock on Piers 212/2015
26BuildBlock on Piers 312/2015
27Detail of Stepped Footings12/2015
28Horizontal Intersection12/2015
28a“T” Intersections12/2015
29Load Hanging Details12/2015
30Vertical Reinforcing12/2015
30aReinforcement of Openings12/2015
30bFlat ICF Lintel & Stirrup Construction12/2015
31Window Openings12/2015
32Mechanical Installations12/2015
33Sub-Grade Waterproofing12/2015
34Metal Deck Composite Floors12/2015
35Metal Deck & Steel Joists12/2015
36Pre-Cast Hollow Core Floors12/2015
37Beam Pocket12/2015
39Pilaster Detail12/2015
40Radius Walls12/2015
418″ Ledge Block Outside 90° Miter No. 112/2015
41a6″ Ledge Block Outside 90° Miter No. 112/2015
428″ Ledge Block Inside 90° Miter No. 112/2015
42a6″ Ledge Block Inside 90° Miter No. 112/2015
438″ Ledge Block Outside 90° Miter No. 212/2015
43a6″ Ledge Block Outside 90° Miter No. 212/2015
448″ Ledge Block Inside 90° Miter No. 212/2015
44a6″ Ledge Block Inside 90° Miter No. 212/2015
45Monolithic Footing / Slab (Stucco finish)12/2015
45aMonolithic Footing / slab w/ siding exterior12/2015
46Monolithic Footing / Slab (Masonry finish)12/2015
47C.M.U. Stemwall12/2015
488″ Ledge Block 45° Outside Miter12/2015
498″ Ledge Block 45° Inside Miter12/2015
506″ Ledge Block 45° Inside Miter12/2015
516″ Ledge Block 45° Outside Miter12/2015
52Taper Unit & Core Slab12/2015
53Taper Unit & Ledge Connection 112/2015
54Taper Unit & Ledge Connection 212/2015
55Taper Unit & Ledge Connection 312/2015
55aBasement with BuildBlock Above & Side Bearing Floor with Taper Top12/2015
55bBasement with BuildBlock Above & Side Bearing Floor12/2015
55cFloor ICF Wall Connection in Seismic Zone D & Townhouse Zone C ICF Above12/2015
55dFloor ICF Wall Connection in Seismic Zone D & Townhouse Zone C Frame Above12/2015
56BuildDeck floor & Wall Top Bearing12/2015
57BuildDeck Floor Intersection12/2015
58a6″ Brick Ledge Ledger Plate to BB-60012/2015
58b8″ Brick Ledge Ledger Plate to BB-60012/2015
58c8″ Brick Ledge Ledger Plate to BB-80012/2015
59aBB-400/BL-400 90° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
59bBB-445/BL-445 45° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
59cBB-600/BL-600 90° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
 59dBB-645/BL-645 45° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
59eBB-800/BL-800 90° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
59fBB-845/BL-845 45° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
59gBB-1000/BL-1000 90° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
59hBB-1045/BL-1045 45° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
 59iBB-1200/BL-1200 90° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
 59jBB-1245/BL-1245 45° Field Fabricated Corner12/2015
60aGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 3″ Straight Block12/2015
60bGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 3″ 90° Corner Block12/2015
60cGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 4″ Straight Block12/2015
60dGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 4″ 90° Corner Block12/2015
60eGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 6″ Straight Block12/2015
60fGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 6″ 90° Corner Block12/2015
60gGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 8″ Straight Block12/2015
60hGlobalBlock All Foam ICF 8″ 90° Corner Block12/2015
 60iGlobalBlock Web Inserts Detail12/2015
60jGlobalBlock Rebar Saddle Detail12/2015
60kGlobalBlock Combined Reinforcement Options12/2015
60lGlobalBlock Using Plastic Web Inserts12/2015
60mGlobalBlock Using Rebar Pins12/2015
60nGlobalBlock Using Rebar Saddles12/2015
61aThermalsert Product Detail12/2015
61bThermalsert KD Product Detail12/2015
62aBuildBuck 6″ Product Dimensions12/2015
62bBuildBuck 8″ Product Dimensions12/2015
62cBuildBuck Product Features12/2015
62dBuildBuck Cross Sections BK-600/BK-80012/2015
62eBuildBuck Connection Detail12/2015
62fBuildBuck Assembly and Bracing12/2015
62gBuildBuck Bracing Recommendations12/2015
62hBuildBuck Window Mounting12/2015
62iBuildBuck Door Installation Detail12/2015
63aBuildShield Product Detail12/2015
63bBuildShield Termite Installation12/2015
63cBuildShield Corner Form Modification12/2015
63dBuildShield Firestop Installation12/2015
63eBuildShield Firestop Concrete Floor System12/2015
63fBuildShield Firestop With Wood/Metal Floor System12/2015
64aBuildBlock Hardwall Product Detail12/2015
64bBuildBlock Hardwall Connector Detail12/2015
64cBuildBlock Hardwall Assembly12/2015
64dBuildBlock Hardwall Form Template12/2015
64eBuildBlock Hardwall Finishing12/2015
64fBuildBlock Hardwall Alternative Finishing12/2015
64gBuildBlock Hardwall Form Template Full Size12/2015
65aBuildRadius 2-foot Arc Radius Product Detail8/2016
65bBuildRadius 4-foot Arc Radius Product Detail8/2016
65cBuildRadius 8-foot Arc Radius Product Detail8/2016
65dBuildRadius 12-foot Arc Radius Product Detail8/2016
65eBuildRadius 16-foot Arc Radius Product Detail8/2016
65fBuildRadius 20-foot Arc Radius Product Detail8/2016
65gBuildRadius Wall Intersections8/2016
66A2± Inch Deep Concrete Void Repair2/2017
66B4± Inch Deep Concrete Void Repair2/2017
66C6± Inch Deep Concrete Void Repair2/2017
CombinedBuildBlock Combined Detail Sheet for Residential Construction  

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CAD Details & Technical Drawings June 12, 2013