ICFs are a perfect choice for low and mid-rise mixed-use commercial projects. Quicker construction, reduced maintenance, increased life safety and comfort all with extreme energy efficiency.

BuildBlock ICFs are the strongest and most energy-efficient building material available today. ICFs are used every day to build low to mid-rise multifamily residential, schools, churches, office buildings, retail space, and other commercial structures. Commercially, ICFs deliver proven energy efficiency, significantly reduced maintenance, lower cost of ownership, increased tenant comfort & satisfaction, faster construction, and disaster resilience.

The Bonobo Winery is located in Traverse City Michigan, a tourist destination and regional area of commerce for many people. People flock to the area in the spring, summer, and fall to see the lakes, sunsets, cherry trees and vineyards. Bonobo has a high traffic volume and helps to educate more people about the advantages of energy efficient construction and ICF technology, especially in the wine industry.


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Seven Seas Pool ICF Building

BuildBlock provides a comprehensive set of CAD Details containing product information, connection details, and best practices.

BIM models for all BuildBlock products. From concept through completion, these tools help architects, designers, and owners create cost-effective, energy-efficient projects.

The BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual provides a comprehensive resource for building any structure, anywhere.

BuildBlock provides comprehensive prescriptive engineering tables as a starting point for commercial engineering including tall wall engineering, above and below grade, and FEMA 361 community safe room design.

BuildBlock ICFs are fully tested and code compliant with the IRC/IBC. BuildBlock also maintains specialty approvals in Florida, Miami-Dade, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, New York City, and others.