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BuildBlock Technical Manual

This is the BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual. It covers ICF construction from start to finish using BuildBlock, BuildLock Knockdown, and GlobalBlock ICFs.

The manual contains design information, engineering, and installation information for the BuildDeck Floor & Roof Decking System used in building insulated basements or homes, safe rooms, and commercial buildings. 

Learn more about Waterproofing, an important addition to any ICF project.

BuildBuck is a composite ICF bucking system made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam and Polystyrene plastic webs. The webs are fully embedded within a foam exterior. The buck is 52 inches long (48-inches nominal) and 2-inches thick. BuildBuck will create a 4 foot by 4 foot (inside dimensions)rough opening, with no cuts. 

GlobalBlock is a revolutionary new Insulating Concrete Form (ICF). It is a web-optional design, allowing for much more flexibility in design, and additional cost savings. An evolution of the screen grid design, it seamlessly integrates with other BuildBlock forms to offer a more cost effective ICF solution, while still allowing the use of BuildBlock flat-wall forms in bond beams, lintels, pilasters, safe room walls and other critical areas. 

ThermalSert are insulation inserts for BuildBlock and BuildLock Knockdown ICF forms.Each 1-inch of foam insert adds 4.4 R-Value increasing the overall r-value of the wall. 

BuildBlock Hardwall uses BuildLock Knockdown ICFs to create an insulated ICF wall on one side and a bare concrete wall on the other. This system offers the same or greater insulation value when used with ThermalSert Insulation Inserts on the outside of the wall.

BuildBrace ICF bracing & alignment.

See ICFs in action & learn more about building with icfs!