ICF Bracing & Alignment Systems

Alignment is the most important part of your ICF project!

Before pouring concrete, your ICF walls must be straight and plumb, otherwise, it can cause serious problems requiring expensive fixes! Using ICF bracing makes wall adjustments quick and easy, allowing you to ensure walls are straight and ready to pour, without hassle.

BuildBlock recommends its BuildBrace 1-piece or 3-piece system by Plumwall. Another option is the Zont & Zuckle system. Talk to your BuildBlock sales rep today and find out what’s best for your project.

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When straight walls are your trademark and productivity is your reputation, there are no substitutes for using BuildBrace ICF bracing systems. ICF contractors across North America, trust BuildBrace as the most user-friendly bracing system available. That’s because BuildBrace offers features that truly make wall alignment a one-person task with perfect results. From storage, setup and alignment of residential, commercial and multi-story buildings, BuildBrace is the straight forward choice.

Zont & Zuckle Bracing

The Zont & Zuckle Horizontal ICF Bracing System is a cost-effective bracing and alignment system that uses traditional lumber that can be reused in the rest of the project.