“Building with ICFs decreases your utility bills 40%-60% each month and makes your home quiet, comfortable and disaster resistant.”

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are the strongest and most energy-efficient building material available today. ICFs are used to build homes, schools, churches, and other commercial buildings. Choosing ICFs for your next construction project means saving money every month and feeling secure in your home. 


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Are you interested in learning more about ICFs and how they protect you from disaster, reduce utility bills and provide a safe, quiet, and healthy environment?

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If you are an architect, designer, developer, engineer, code official, contractor or other building professional, click here for more information about building or specifying ICFs in your project.

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BuildBlock is the only manufacturer with an online store for customers to buy directly. Register an account today and purchase BuildBlock ICFs and accessories directly from the manufacturer.

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BuildBlock ICFs are mass insulation walls and deliver superior performance compared to any building system. The speed, ease of use, and efficiency are unmatched by any other building technology.

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BuildBlock ICFs deliver the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of ICFs with added speed, reduced waste, superior attachment points, and amazing customer service.

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Review the brochures and guides below to gain a better understanding of the benefits of building and designing with with ICFs. Comfort, safety, disaster resilience, reduced costs and increased energy efficiency are ust a few of the many every day benefits of an ICF home.


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Basic ICF Construction in 22 Steps

Basic ICF Construction in 22 Steps

Quickly step through the basic steps in ICF construction. This short article will show you what to expect, start to finish.


BuildBlock Howto Build Section

The BuildBlock Howto Section breaks down much of the ICF construction process. Not just an online installation manual it expands into tips, tricks, and techniques to make your ICF project simple and straightforward..


Learn How To Estimate ICFs

Learn how to quickly estimate the number blocks necessary to build your project. Download the BuildBlock Estimate Tool and other resources today.


Free BuildBlock Online ICF Training Courses Available Now!

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Residential Construction with ICFs September 14, 2016