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Product Technical Information

BuildBlock Technical Data
Expanded Polystyrene Density
1.5 lbs/cu. ft.
Average Thickness of EPS
2.5"/panel (5" total)
Steady State R-Value
R-21 Foam Value
Effective R-value: (concrete, form, air infiltration, and thermal mass)
R-24 to R-50
Actual R-Value
4.4 Per Inch of EPS
Thermal Mass (Form & Concrete)
6″ core: 72 lbs/sq. ft. | 8″ core: 96 lbs/sq. ft.
.24 Per inch of EPS
Water Absorption
Less than 3% (ASTM C272)
Water Vapor
0.56 perms per 2.5″
Sound Class
STC Sound Class rating of 54 with 1/2-inch sheetrock both sides | STC Sound Class rating of 51 with 1/2-inch sheet rock one side
Fire Wall
Firewall rating 5,000 to 12,000 lbs per lineal foot for 3 hours.
Concrete Compressive Strength
3000 psi
Concrete Pouring Temperature Range:
Down to 0°F (-18°C)

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