Radiant Floor Panels

Why use radiant floor panels?

Radiant flooring panels are an excellent and energy-efficient method for heating, especially in an ICF home. In traditional forced-air heating systems, heat loss is caused by air leaks, radiant panels eliminate this loss while maintaining a constant room temperature and removing cold spots. By reducing the use of forced air, radiant flooring also creates a more comfortable living environment for those with allergies or asthma by reducing the use of forced air which can carry dust, pollen and other allergens throughout the home. 

Use radiant flooring in your ICF home to truly maximize your energy-efficiency and comfort!

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RAZ Panel™ from EZ Floor

Unlike other products that claim to speed up or simplify the process of installing PEX tubing for in-floor hydronic radiant heat applications, the RAZ Panel™ truly comes through for you with uncompromising performance!

  • Estimate, order, and inventory one product
  • one-stop shopping at your HVAC/R Wholesale Distributor
  • No worries about tubing being kicked out of place as the PEX sits below the working surface of the foam.
  • No wasted time un-jamming staplers or twisting ties around the metal mesh.
  • NO COSTLY MISTAKES! If you need to adjust the spacing of a run, all you have to do with the RAZ Panel™ is pull up the PEX adjust the spacing and walk it back in. No pulling and wasting staples and damaging the foam insulation!
  • Installation is as easy as 1-2-3. Lay down the panel, walk in the PEX and pour the concrete.
  • With a compressive strength of 860 pounds per square foot, the RAZ Panel™ is strong enough to stand up to the rugged job site conditions it will experience
Board Size
25″ x 49″
Effective Area
24″ x 48″
Nominal Thickness of Insulation
Total Thickness
Standard Color
Thermal Resistance* (ASTM C518-04)
Compressive Resistance* (ASTM C165-00)
860 psf
Perm Resistance* (ASTM E-96-00)
.56 perms

*Tested by Intertek ETL Semko, an independent testing lab.

CREATHERM Radiant Floor Panels

Ready for a simple, innovative PEX tube installation system!

CREATHERM Radiant Floor Panels provide an energy efficient solution – one that saves time and labor costs – and can be installed anywhere. They provide an efficient thermal and sound barrier between the ground and heated slab.

Interlocking panels measure approximately two feet by four feet for an easy staggered layout. A snap-tight grid allows for precise tube layout that walks into place. Eliminate the need to tie, clip, staple or screw PEX tubing to a substrate.

Specific product details are outlined below. Create your own custom imprint to achieve exclusivity in your market. C R E A T H E R M™ Radiant Floor Panels are protected under US Patent D541396.

CRETE-HEAT Insulated Floor System

The Crete-Heat Insulated Floor Panel System is an easily assembled modular board, insulation, vapor barrier (10-mil polystyrene film), and radiant floor tube holding grid that allows for simplified installation of hydronic radiant floor heating systems. These installations can be in but are not limited to, basements, garages, main floor slab on grade and above grade installations where concrete or gypcrete is normally used.

Providing an R-10 rating, the Crete-Heat® Insulated Floor Panel System is 2 7/8″ in overall thickness, with 2″ of solid EPS foam. Independently tested by Intertek Semco in Canada. Our retrofit or above grade panel provides 2 1/8 inch overall in thickness, with 1″ of solid EPS foam which provides an R-6. This same panel has 23db sound reduction knobs on the lower surface. Each interlocking panel covers up to 8 sq. ft. with fasteners for 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ radiant tubing. Our Ice Melt panel holds 3/4″ – 1″ PERT, PEX tubing.

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