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BuildBlock Supports YouthBuild Boston Construction Workers of Tomorrow

2014 Construction Workers of Tomorrow, Energy Efficient Building Envelope Class 1

BuildBlock trains “Construction Workers of Tomorrow” Energy Efficient Building Envelope Class 1 using BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) technology during five day hands-on workshop. See photos from the event below. BuildBlock Building Systems joins with YouthBuild Boston (YBB), Madison Park Vocational Technical High School (MPVTHS) Carpentry Program, Roxbury Community College (RCC), and the New England Carpenters Training Fund (NECTF) in supporting their five day workshop on building Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs). The goal of the course is to prepare students to construct the foundation walls of ICFs properly and safely under the supervision of a qualified ICF contractor. Marty Baron, BuildBlock Regional Manager


Project: St. Mary’s Church, Carmel, IN

St. Mary's Church, Carmel, IN ICF Construction

St. Mary’s Church, Carmel, IN is using ICF for their new sanctuary. This is another great ICF project demonstrating the versatility of insulating concrete forms. This project contains tall walls, multiple curved walls, and large window openings.  


Project: ICF La Pan Home in Idaho

La Pan Home , Idaho, ICF of Idaho

Rob Stout of ICF of Idaho brings us a few shots of their latest project the ICF La Pan Home in Idaho. This home also features Watkins joist hangers, engineering specifically for this project. For more information about Watkins Hangers visit It’s always great to see another clean and professional ICF installation by our distributors. For contact information for ICF of  Idaho visit our Idaho distributor listing.


Asked & Answered: Recycling Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam


Recycling Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are made up to two different types of materials EPS foam and polypropylene plastic webs. One of the questions we frequently get is whether Styrofoam™ or EPS foam can be recycled. All ICFs use some recycled material. Recycled material is mixed with new virgin material and manufactured into ICFs and other goods. One of the reasons EPS is such a great insulation is that it is 95% air. This makes EPS foam very light and easy to transport, but it takes lot of space in both distribution and in landfills. Recycling removes it from landfills


BuildBlock FieldNotes – 006 ICF Safe Rooms

FieldNotes 006 ICF Safe Rooms

We’ve all seen what happens on the news when disaster strikes: shattered homes and lives after the tornado or hurricane, smoking ash after the wildfire, and collapsed rubble after the earthquake. Disasters happen when we least expect them,but are something we need to be prepared for. We wear seat belts and have airbags because we have car accidents.  Our buildings have smoke alarms and sprinkler systems because we have fire.  We keep weather radios and have radar to keep us aware of severe weather. The majority of residential homes in the US are built out of wood.  There is a better way


Asked & Answered: What is the Prescriptive Method and why do we talk about it?


What is the Prescriptive Method? The Prescriptive Method for Insulating Concrete Forms in Residential Construction is the accepted method for installation, general engineering, and standard for ICF home design. The Prescriptive Method for Insulating Concrete Forms in Residential Construction is a document, originally drafted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which has been incorporated into the International Residential Code (IRC, Section R611) and which gives a general engineering design for use with ICF, within the most common home sizes. The Prescriptive Method provides engineering tables showing reinforcement specifications for common wall heights and openings, as well as


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