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Getting to Know: Andrew Laub

Today in our get-to-know we meet Andrew Laub, BuildBlock’s Director of Sales. Andrew joined the BuildBlock team in October of 2011. He manages our sales and business development teams  as well as a growing team of independent sales agents that work remotely from BuildBlock HQ. We asked Andrew a few questions about his role on the BuildBlock team. Here are his answers:

Andrew Laub Director of Sales
Andrew Laub
Director of Sales

BuildBlock: Why do you want to work at BuildBlock?

Andrew: I’ve always been fascinated with the building industry.  So, when my predecessor approached me about this opportunity, I was immediately interested.  Being able to see a finished product that I had direct involvement in is very rewarding.  Plus, when you take into consideration the value of the that finished product through safety and energy efficiency, it makes it even that more gratifying.

BuildBlock: What did you do before you worked at BuildBlock?

Andrew: I have been in the construction rental/sales industry since graduating college at the University of Central Oklahoma in ’93.  I sold commercial modular buildings for over 10 of those 20+ years.  Starting off renting construction trailers, then eventually lead to major projects sales such as modular hospitals & dental clinics across that western US.

BuildBlock: What makes you excited about your future and the future of BuildBlock?

Andrew: I’m excited for the future of this industry because we sit right in the path of progress due to the new energy standards that states are now adopting.  Before long, it will be more cost-conscious to building with ICF than it will be to build with wood.  BuildBlock is positioned to be a major player in the growth of the industry since we have the highest quality of ICF products on the market.

BuildBlock: Why should consumers use ICF to build their homes and other structures?

Andrew: ICF is essentially a no-brainer for anyone that looks at their home as a long term investment.  The energy savings over the course of a 30 year mortgage more than offsets the initial cost.  Plus, the initial cost difference verses wood is shrinking yearly.  With all the natural disasters, having the peace of mind knowing that your home is much more resistant than a standard wood home, should also be considered.  Living in Oklahoma, we have deadly tornados every year, and now we are starting to get earthquakes regularly.  I know my next home will be an ICF home.

BuildBlock: What have you learned since starting work at BuildBlock?

Andrew: By working at BuildBlock, I have learned to be more educated about the different options that are out there in the building industry.  Prior to working here, I was not familiar with ICF construction.  I assumed that everyone built their home with wood.  Working here has opened my eyes to not just ICF construction, but also to other concepts I had previously not known about or considered.

Have more questions for Andrew? Send him an email at [email protected].