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BuildBlock Expands Product Manufacturing

BuildBlock is excited to announce the expansion of product manufacturing for BuildBlock, BuildBuck, and BuildDeck. 

BuildBuck, introduced in 2016 has taken off dramatically. BuildBuck is designed to eliminate the use of wood bucking around door and window openings. This product maintains the thermal break between the outside and ensures insulation is continuous to the opening itself.  

“We made BuildBuck for our 6″ and 8″ BuildBlock/BuildLock and GlobalBlock products first and we have now expanded it for 4″ products as well.” says Mike Garret, BuildBlock CEO & Founder. “The demand for our four-inch products continues to grow enough to sustain other accessory products in that size.”

BuildBuck was initially manufactured in the central United States, and is now produced in three facilities across North America and stocked in all facilities. The 4″ BuildBuck will be initially available in Missouri but will be increasingly available where BuildBlock 4″ products are sold. For more information visit

BuildDeck is also seeing a nation-wide manufacturing rollout. Also primarily manufactured in Missouri, BuildDeck is available throughout North America through new manufacturing in Massachusetts and Idaho.

“Increasing product manufacturing closer to our customers is  just one way BuildBlock strives to keep prices low and availability high. Updated engineered shoring designs make this product feasible for projects large and small creating less waste and hassle, saving time and money. BuildDeck is the most cost-effective ICF decking product on the market.” says Brian Corder, President of Sales & Marketing.

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BuildBlock is also adding more molds in more facilities to better serve our customers throughout the North America. BuildBlock has plans to continue rounding out its manufacturing platform across North America. In the past 5 years, BuildBlock has introduced more than seven new products service ICF customers of all types and will continue to innovate solving real-world challenges for ICF customers everywhere.

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