Sherwin-Williams Commercial Project, Oklahoma City, OK

AC Owen jobsite sign at Shewin-Williams project
Back view of Sherwin-Williams project
Corner view of Sherwin-Williams jobsite
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Learn about ICF construction and design, and find out why this builder and owner decided to choose BuildBlock ICFs!

About the Sherwin-Williams Project

This project is for an Oklahoma based construction company, AC Owen, who are the general contractor and owner of the structure. This structure is being built for a new Oklahoma City retail location for Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin-Williams is one of the world’s leading paint suppliers, offering all kinds of paint and finishes for both professionals and DIYers. Their products are exclusively available at Sherwin-William company operated retail stores with over 5,000 locations across North and Latin America.

The design for this future 4,400 sqf retail store includes a store front, showrooms for both retail and wholesale sales, restrooms, a storage room, shipping bay, and an office. The interior of this design will feature several sales counters and display shelves. Interestingly, this store will feature three different types of exterior finishes:
brick, steel sidings, and EIFs.


This project will also utilize the Super Floor suspended concrete flooring system and is a great example of how easily it can integrate with ICFs! The Super Floor system is manufactured from pre-galvanized high tensile steel. Next, the joists are placed on the primary support then the Super Floor support system securers the joists into the correct position. After that, the tray/pan is laid into across the support and then reinforcing steel is placed. After completing these steps, concrete is then poured. Generally Super Floor uses a 4” reinforced concrete topping.

Why The Owners Chose BuildBlock ICFs

This new Sherwin-Williams retail store in OKC is being built with BuildBlock ICFs! While ICFs offer many benefits including speedier construction, more comfort, better disaster-resilience and far greater energy efficiency, the deciding factor in choosing ICFs was lower construction costs.

By using ICFs for this project, instead of steel stud construction, the building owners were able to reduce the construction cost by over 10%!

Here are some of the ways ICFs were able to reduce costs during design:

  • By using ICFs and concrete, builders are able to reduce the speed of construction by as much as 25%, helping reduce labor costs. 
  • Using ICFs for the exterior shell can save as much as 25% on the initial costs of the HVAC system equipment due to the reduction in heating and cooling loads, resulting in a return on investment that would reduce monthly utility costs by 40% or greater. 
  • ICFs can also reduce Builder’s Risk and Owner Liability Insurance by as much as 80% by utilizing the storm and fire-resistant exterior building shell offered by ICFs. 
  • Using ICFs will allow construction to continue during cold weather conditions along with reducing the time needed to build the exterior building envelope. 
  • Futher cost savings can be realized by integrating specialized systems such as Geothermal HVAC, LED Lighting packages, and Building Energy Management Systems. 

Project Partners

There are a number of different partners involved in this project, learn more about each one here:

Dolese Bros Co.

The company's plants and quarries produce more than concrete, sand, and crushed stone – Dolese provides their customers with innovative solutions that help them build their region's homes, communities and infrastructure. From individual homeowners to large industrial contractors, customers rely on Dolese to fulfill their building needs.
(405) 235-2311

AC Owen

AC Owen is a construction group in Edmond and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their company works with the architects, engineers, sub-contractors, and vendors to control costs and mitigate risk. They also work closely with with owners to ensure appropriate planning, careful scheduling and foresight to handle all phases of construction.
(405) 285-9333

KBA Constructors

KBA Constructors is an expert ICF and Masonry subcontractor located in Tuttle, Oklahoma. They are experienced buildings providing services and installations specializing in block, brick, stone, manufactured stone, decorative CMU, and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for all types of construction.
(405) 482-0677

Superfloor USA

Super Floor offers the highest quality suspended concrete floor systems on the market. The Super Floor System is designed to provide superior strength and stability, while still being easy to install and maintain. This system is suitable for all types of construction, whether ICF, steel frame, masonry, or precast concrete frames.
(513) 735-5500

Project Timeline

BuildBlock ICFs Delivered

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

BuildBlock ICFs were delivered to the jobsite. After being delivered, the bundles of ICF are staged on the jobsite to be ready for the next step: forming the walls.


Wall Forming Begins

Monday, April 29, 2024

Construction crews start stacking the first courses of ICF wall. ICF blocks are stacked, with rebar being placed inside of the webs horizontally and vertically, the walls are then braced and straightened prior to the concrete pour.

Pour day at Sherwin-Williams ICF project

Concrete Pour Begins

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

KBA Contractors started pouring concrete into the ICF walls. The concrete mix was supplied by Dolese Bros.

Pour day at Sherwin-Williams ICF project

Project Gallery

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