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BuildBlock Project “Stone Creek” Wins ICF Builder Award

The ICF Builder Awards are held annually to recognize the best in insulated concrete construction. This year, “Stone Creek” was one of two BuildBlock projects receiving recognition at this prestigious event.

Stone Creek, in Canton Ohio earned first runner up in the small residential category, which includes houses that are 3,000 square feet or less. The home was selected by the ICF Builder Award Committee based on it’s success despite weather challenges during construction, its added industry exposure, and the exceptional results when completed. Built by one of the leaders in energy efficient homes in Ohio, Charis Homes, this 2,570 square foot house offers incredible savings as well as an environment that is so healthy, it literally changed the lives of the homeowners.

Stone Creek maximizes the benefits of ICFs. The insulated concrete wall provides exceptional sound mitigation, low air infiltration, resistance to strong winds, and an interior temperature that’s easy to keep stable. Adding to the homes efficiency are Energy Star windows, a Pex Manifold plumbing system, Navien hot water tank, and a 97% efficient Carrier Infinity Furnace with zoned controls. Utility bills for similar homes in the area typically average around $3,600 a year but the owners of Stone Creek are paying, on average, $120 a month. That’s nearly 60% in energy savings in an area of the country that sees some extremely cold winters.

Speaking of cold winters. The home was constructed during one of the most frigid Ohio winters on record. ICFs provide a building material that is flexible and usable in most any condition so the team didn’t lose any work days due to inclement weather. In fact, ICFs generally install quicker than traditional wood framed houses. Stone Creek was stacked and poured in seven days, saving the crew an entire week on construction.

The homeowners, James and Tara Whitt, couldn’t be happier with their new home. They have a son, who since birth, has had terrible asthma. Before moving into their ICF home, they lived in an older traditional wood framed house. Due to the homes air quality, their sons lung condition grew progressively worse. On average he was receiving 3 breathing treatments every single week. ICFs create a solid mass wall, and when finished correctly are completely air tight. This low air infiltration reduces the presence of irritants such as dust and pollen and results in an extremely clean living environment. Glenna Wilson of Charis Homes spoke to this fact by saying, “I feel like the ICF advantage that isn’t talked about enough is how healthy they make your home.”

Just months after moving into their BuildBlock home, the condition of the Whitts’ son improved drastically. He quickly went from needing breathing treatments 3 times a week, to only taking 3 treatments over the course of 6 months. He has grown several inches, regained his appetite, and his lungs have continually improved.

Energy efficient building is a small but growing market in Ohio. Charis has been building with BuildBlock for years, and earlier this year built the first Zero Energy Ready Home in Ohio. Homes like these do a lot to educate the local public on the benefits of building with efficient materials. The ICF industry is gaining momentum and growing because homeowners are experiencing the added value and comfort of ICF homes.       

We market ICF as the Mercedes of houses and remind new builders that they have an amazing opportunity to build a house that will have value for a long time. When our customers see the benefits of building with ICF it’s an easy decision.

-Glenna Wilson- Charis Homes

We are honored to receive this recognition from the ICF Builder Awards and are committed to producing products that result in life changing homes for our customers. To read about our other recognized project, The Atlantic Beach House, click here. If you have a BuildBlock success story to share, reach out to our marketing department at [email protected].  

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