“BuildBlock is a proud member of the Do It Best network. Adding our complete ICF product line to your store offers your customers a premium experience and creates a solid margin for your store.

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are best choice to build your residential or commercial structure. Disaster resilience in coastal areas, extreme fire resistance, outstanding noise cancellation, unmatched comfort, reduced maintenance, and extreme energy efficiency deliver the best value for your investment.


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Help your customers understand and build with the most efficient & resilient building material, ICFs!



BuildBlock Building Systems is proud to be a member of the Do it Best network. Our complete ICFs product line is designed to offer your customers a premium experience and create  a solid margin for your store. Combining product sales, a bracing rental program, and the necessary accessories to support ICF construction in your service area is a solid business opportunity for your store. Explore this website to learn more about the safest and most energy efficient construction method for residential and commercial construction. ICFs exceed tomorrow’s building codes today.

Do you stand on the sidelines for other building material sales? Help BuildBlock answer the #1 question asked on a daily basis: Where to buy?

BuildBlock assists in speeding up the sale process, helping you create opportunities for additional sales of materials for other construction components.

Additional Sales Opportunites:

  • INT Framing Lumber
  • ICF Waterproof Package
  • Drywall
  • Roofing
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Beams/Joists
  • Industrial Particle Board
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Fireplaces

Why you should re-evaluate your framing packages for contractors…

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms offer building professionals more advantages and more of a reason to buy. 

ICFs can be used in any climate zone, at any time.

ICFs are great for both above-ground and below-ground applications.

BuildBlock offers the highest quality product.

ICFs are great for all types of projects, commercial or residential.

BuildBlock ICFs deliver high margins.

ICFs help construction professionals meet and exceed building code requirements.

How does BuildBlock make it easier for you?

We built the ICF marketplace surrounding your store. Now it’s time to help you expand it. 

  • Regional manufacturing – ships directly to the jobsite
  • Sales training for your staff – Online video series, virtual webinar, Zoom meetings
  • Sales training for your contractors
  • BuildBlock material count/takeoff program – Simple blueprint conversion
  • ICF bracing rental program – We give you the framework for building a strong asset for your store
BuildBlock ICF Introduction


homeowners-diyHomeowners & DIY

Are you interested in learning more about ICFs and how they protect you from disaster, reduce utility bills and provide a safe, quiet, and healthy environment?

contractors-buildersContractors & Homebuilders

If you are an architect, designer, developer, engineer, code official, contractor or other building professional, click here for more information about building or specifying ICFs in your project.

home-plans-designICF Design & Home Plans

BuildBlock is the only manufacturer with an online store for customers to buy directly. Register an account today and purchase BuildBlock ICFs and accessories directly from the manufacturer.

icf-versus-woodICF Versus Wood Frame Construction

BuildBlock ICFs are mass insulation walls and deliver superior performance compared to any building system. The speed, ease of use, and efficiency are unmatched by any other building technology.

icf-benefitsICF Benefits

BuildBlock ICFs deliver the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of ICFs with added speed, reduced waste, superior attachment points, and amazing customer service.

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See educational videos, how to features, product information, and project tour videos
to help you better understand how to build your project and experience the possibilities with BuildBlock ICFs.

Introduction to BuildBlock ICFs

Learn more about building with ICFs, BuildBlock ICF products, design options, and solutions for your entire ICF project.

Building an ICF Basement

This video takes you through a pre-prour review demonstrating wall stacking strategies for your basement or first floor walls.

ICF Installer Training Series

This 20 part video series is intended to be an educational walk through of the ICF building process.

Experience more educational videos, project tours, and more on our Youtube Channel!


Your complete ICF Construction System.


The BuildBlock ICF product family delivers a solution for ICF projects of any size or complexity. Build your home using the most energy-efficient and disaster resilient material on the market today. ICFs assemble faster with less hassle and cost than any other system.


residential-projectsResidential Projects

Building a new home with ICFs results in increased energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. BuildBlock provides the materials to create a safe, quite, disaster resilient living environment for you and your family.

industrial-projectsIndustrial Projects

BuildBlock ICFs deliver superior strength, safety, and performance in any design. Industrial projects, blast proof structures, cisterns, disaster resilient structures, and critical infrastructure all benefit from the most installer friendly ICF.

mixed-use-projectsMixed-Use Projects

ICFs are a perfect choice for low and mid-rise mixed-use commercial projects. Quicker construction, reduced maintenance, increased life safety and comfort all with extreme energy efficiency.


BuildBlock Institutional Structures combine the strength, efficiency, and flexibility of ICFs to provide a safe, comfortable, and beautiful space for any gathering.

multifamily-projectsMultiFamily Projects

BuildBlock ICFs are a perfect choice for any size MultiFamily project. Quicker construction, reduced maintenance, increased life safety and comfort all with extreme energy efficiency.

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