Licensing BuildBlock ICF Products & Technology in your country brings you directly to market saving thousands of hours of product development, engineering, and research.

BuildBlock has spent more than 10 years refining and developing a complete ICF construction system and business model that is cost effective and scalable. Jump start manufacturing in your country and leverage the expertise and resources of the most installer friendly ICF in the world.

How the BuildBlock Technology and Trademark Licensing Program Works?

BuildBlock envisions a world in which the benefits of energy-efficient, safe, healthy, comfortable and sustainable ICF constructed buildings and homes are brought to millions of people worldwide. BuildBlock CEO and President Mike Garrett spent over 15 years building with ICFs before designing and patenting an ICF product line that incorporated features designed to accelerate construction times, reduce construction site waste, and increase the structural integrity of ICF buildings.

BuildBlock now stands at the cutting edge of ICF innovation and is the most advanced ICF block in production. BuildBlock is one of the top ICF companies in the world. BuildBlock has now designed a Technology and Trademark Licensing Program that will allow your organization to take advantage of the experience BuildBlock has gained over many years.

Your organization will not only be licensing BuildBlock’s patented and patent pending ICF technology for use in the licensed territory, but will also gain the support of the BuildBlock organization in establishing your successful ICF business.

BuildBlock will transfer “know-how” in the form of: Marketing Materials – Source materials including Art Work, Logos, Advertising Designs, Print Ads, Web Banners, Brochures, and Flyers.

  • Installation and Technical Manuals – Complete Source Materials Installation Instructions and Pocket Install Guide
  • Training Materials – “Train the Trainer” curriculum materials and hands-on installation training available on location in your territory and at the corporate offices in Oklahoma City.
  • Videos – Product Video, ICF vs. Concrete Block Video, Corporate Video, Installation Videos, and more to come.
  • Technical Data – CAD Detail Drawings, Engineering Tables, CSI Specifications Documents, and Testing Information to assist in your local code approval process
  • Phone-In Technical Support – Installation and Manufacturing support from the BuildBlock Corporate Technical Department
  • Industry White-Papers – Authoritative Reports and Guides that address ICF issues, solutions, and benefits
  • Proven Distribution Model – Consultation in setting up a Multi-Tiered ICF Distribution Model
  • Industry Contacts – EPS Machine Builders, Accessory Products, Installation Professionals, and other Industry Experts
  • Periodical Resources Library – Collected ICF Industry Articles, Websites and Publications collected over many years offering insight and tricks of the trade from professionals in the field.

* All source files are provided in English. Translations and Printing are the responsibility of the Licensee. Due to the enormous amounts of requests BuildBlock receives from all over the world, we require you to complete a simple Request for Information so that we can learn more about your interest in Licensing BuildBlock Technology and provide you with outstanding service.