Licensing BuildBlock ICF Products & Technology in your country brings you directly to market saving thousands of hours of product development, engineering, and research.

BuildBlock has spent more than 10 years refining and developing a complete ICF construction system and business model that is cost effective and scalable. Jump start manufacturing in your country and leverage the expertise and resources of the most installer friendly ICF in the world.

I. BuildBlock Turnkey EPS Manufacturing

Entering into a BuildBlock Technology and Trademark Agreement requires that the BuildBlock Licensee establish manufacturing and distribution in their licensed territory. The quality and integrity of BuildBlock ICFs are second to none. The quality begins with the superior design features of the BuildBlock ICFs which are then finally executed by utilizing the highest quality machines and tools to produce our finished products. BuildBlock currently manufactures ICFs in twelve locations throughout North America. BuildBlock’s experience will be invaluable to your organization in purchasing machinery, sizing your facility, developing packaging for shipping BuildBlock products, and obtaining support and training for your machine operators.

BuildBlock works hand in hand with the best EPS machine builders in the world. BuildBlock’s partners stand at the cutting edge of developing leading technologies and building state-of-the-art machines specifically designed for the production of BuildBlock products. These state-of-the-art machines are designed to maximize output by reducing cycle times, limiting down-time, and achieving optimal energy efficiency. BuildBlock’s partners also have extensive experience in planning and installing turn-key EPS facilities.

In addition to fixed and mobile facilities, developing relationships with existing EPS molders in your territory to produce your BuildBlock ICFs can sometimes be a possibility. Having experienced partners at your side with established contacts worldwide will assure that your manufacturing facility meets your initial needs, accounts for future growth, and helps you achieve the highest return on your investment. BuildBlock ICF Molds can be designed to accommodate multiple core sizes of BuildBlock ICFs to be produced in the same production cycle. In order to assure BuildBlock quality, the purchase of BuildBlock ICF Molds must go through BuildBlock. 

II. Producing or Importing the BuildBlock Plastic Webs

BuildBlock plastic webs are made from high density reprocessed or virgin polypropylene. BuildBlock straight form ICFs containeight standard webs, while BuildBlock corner forms contain six standard webs and one BuildBlock corner web. BuildBlock web molds used to produce the webs must also be purchased through BuildBlock if your organization will be manufacturing the webs in your territory. There are multiple options for obtaining or manufacturing the BuildBlock plastic webs, and we can assist and consult your organization in identifying what will be the best option in your territory.

  • Option One: BuildBlock can assist your organization in purchasing Plastic Injection Molding Machinery to produce the webs in your facility.
  • Option Two: Many parts of the world have established Plastic Injection Molders who can be contracted to produce the BuildBlock Plastic Webs for your organization. This will add a slight premium to your overall production costs, but lower the initial capital investment.
  • Option Three: BuildBlock Plastic Webs can be purchased through BuildBlock and imported into your territory shipped EXWORKS point of manufacture. This option will add to your overall costs to produce BuildBlock ICFs, but could be an option to be used initially.