A Competitive Edge… for Developers & Building Owners!

Don’t let soaring energy costs rob you of profits. Spend a little more now, make a lot more later. Invest a little more in the construction of that new office building, apartment complex, housing tract, or other project, and reap the increased profits for years to come. How? Through lower operating costs, greater occupancy appeal, and higher resell value.

An ICF structure means lower operating costs, more occupancy appeal, and higher resell value… It all adds up to greater profits.

BuildBlock ICF Construction:

  • Creates a permanent structure requiring less maintenance and repair,
  • Maximizes your investment and appeals to future buyers when you’re ready to roll it over,
  • Attracts occupants with its many benefits.

Anything stick construction can do, ICF construction does better. See our Why ICFs section to learn about the many benefits of an ICF structure. Our Why BuildBlock section demonstrates the many construction advantages of BuildBlock and how we stack up to the competition. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for a referral to an architect or contractor in your area.

Building cost effective energy efficient homes and buildings that stand for centuries is the legacy your company wants to leave behind. That is exactly what building with insulating concrete forms does for your business. ICF homes offer so many advantages to builders and homeowners alike, it’s no wonder the industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds!

There’s never been a better time to make the move to ICFs: Soaring energy costs and more stringent building codes are driving buyers to the tremendous energy-efficiency of ICF homes and BuildBlock’s insulating concrete form system is flexible, easy-to-use and more affordable than ever. BuildBlock offers you ultimate flexibility in the construction process and in the way you purchase insulating concrete forms.