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New ICF Training Course: ICF Construction in 25 Steps

Revolutionary Online Training

You may be aware that earlier this year, BuildBlock launched the first-ever online training site for ICF construction. If you didn’t know that, now you do! Welcome to the party! takes a revolutionary approach to ICF education. Users receive an in-depth level of training through interactive lessons, videos, and quizzes all from the comfort of your internet-connected device. We launched this site with our inaugural course, The Basic ICF Installer Training Course.

New Course

BuildBlock is now excited to offer our second course, ICF Construction in 25 Steps. The name of this course does an excellent job of explaining its contents; a simple, straightforward overview of the ICF building process. This course is intended to be an introductory training for people of any construction skill level. If you’re curious about Insulating Concrete Forms and want to learn more about how they are utilized in construction, this is the training for you. If you’re eager to learn about ICF construction but don’t want to dive into the full Basic Training Course, this is the training for you! The 25 Steps training is done at your own pace but can be easily completed in one sitting. After completion, you’ll have a better understanding of the basic steps involved in building a successful structure with Insulating Concrete Forms.

If you’ve already set up a profile, you can begin the course here. If you haven’t completed your free registration, you can do so here. Happy training!