Sider-Crete is the Original Roll-On Pool Plaster!

About Sider-Crete Pool Plaster

A cement-based, swimming pool plaster designed to work well with many materials, including ICFs. Sider-Crete pool plaster is packaged as a kit and easy-to-apply with a standard paint roller and smoothed with a trowel. It is suitable for residential, commercial, hot-tubs, chlorine and salt water system application. This coating is also designed to coat and waterproof ICF pools, waterfalls, fountains, and ponds. This product is not a pool paint but a true cement-based swimming pool plaster and resurfacing coating. Click here to learn more about ICF pools


  • Roll-On Pool Plaster – 53 lb kit (bag of powder + container of polymer mix) 
  • Polymer modified white base coat for added flexibility and perfect adherence to ICF forms.
  • “Roll it and blade it smooth” pool plaster
  • A true cement-based pool plaster finish
  • Perfect for swimming pools, hot tubs and below grade water tanks built with ICF.
  • Pre-measured plaster kit for error-free mixing
  • Yields a smooth pool plaster finish
  • Water clean up
  • Available in several pre-blended standard and custom colors.
  • Also available with premixed speckled colored quartz


  • The product CAN NOT be applied over paint, fiberglass or steel surfaces. It can ONLY be applied over existing plaster or masonry surfaces (please refer to the surface preparation section in the installation instructions).
  • Application over bare concrete, uncoated gunite & shotcrete, and ICF require a basecoat – Powerbase
  • Provides a water-resistant finish for swimming pools, hot tubs, fish ponds, fountains and water features
  • Pre-measured kits for an error-free mixing ratio
  • Easy two coat application
  • Yields a smooth plaster finish
  • Polymer-modified for added flexibility, excellent freeze-thaw resistance and perfect adherence to pool plasters and concrete surfaces
  • Water cleanup
  • Available in several standard colors and custom colors upon request
    • Also available with premixed colored quartz
    • Visit the Sider-Crete website for available colors – Color Chart