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Project Highlight: The Commons at Sea Shell Drive

The Commons at Sea Shell Drive

Port Aransas, Texas

ICF Builder: Todd Humphreys, CircleT Construction
Builder: Nick Lorette
Developer: Seashell Village Associates

The Commons at Sea Shell Drive is the first all ICF development in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. The developers approached ICF technology for this project because of the need for energy efficiency, lower maintenance and utility costs and safety. This region enjoys wide fluctuations in temperature from the 20s in the winter to 100-degree plus in the summer. Hurricanes, storms, high winds, and even tornados are not uncommon in the area.

Balancing each of those needs made ICFs the natural choice for this project. The developers were familiar with ICF technology and eager to use it. Working with Todd Humphreys of Circle T Construction, Nick Lorette of Coastal Homes of Port Aranas and Andrew Laub and Earl Fowler of BuildBlock this project created safe and secure vacation rental homes on the Gulf Coast.

This project continues to generate lots of interest in ICF construction is the area.  The developers are extremely pleased with the first building and are looking forward beginning the next building phase.

Port Aranas, Texas

In Port Aranas, it’s summer here all year round… breezy and fresh. If you want to get off your front porch at The Commons there are a lot of things to do.

As a beach community on the Texas coast, Port Aransas enjoys a climate that allows for year-round enjoyment. The broad sandy beaches of Port Aransas may be the first thing people think of but the fishing, birding, kayaking [both ocean and bayside], golf on an Arnold Palmer-designed links course, and good food all keep bringing people back year after year.

Getting out on the water couldn’t be easier – Dolphin encounters, sunset cruises, fishing charters, kayak adventures and just plain old wave jumping keep people coming back.

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