BuidBlock ICF Pricing

BuildBlock will sell products directly to customers as long as they are not located in an exclusive distributor’s territory. BuildBlock offers a complete ICF construction product solution. The pricing below is the MSRP for BuildBlock Products. There are many factors to consider when evaluating pricing:

  • Our corner forms are some of the largest in the industry, be sure to compare square foot costs.
  • BuildBlock ICFs do not require special clips or accessories to install which is an additional cost with other blocks.
  • BuildBlock ICFs contain 8 webs spaced every 6-inches compared to most other ICFs that have 6 webs every 8-inches. This creates a stronger block that doesn’t deform and delivers a straighter smoother wall.
  • BuildBlock currently has 14 manufacturing facilities across North America to ensure products are close to your job site and reduce shipping costs.

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BuildBlock Pricing

Item #Item DescriptionPieces
Per Block
Per Bundle
BB-4004″ Straight157805.33$4.57$24.34$365.10
BB-4904″ 90°Corner127205.56$4.57$25.39$304.68
BB-4454″ 45°Corner127204.89$4.98$24.34$292.08
BB-6006″ Straight126725.33$4.63$24.68$296.16
BB-6906″ 90°Corner126726.00$4.63$27.79$333.48
BB-6456″ 45°Corner125764.89$5.05$24.68$296.16
BB-6DT6″ Double Taper Top124805.33$5.19$27.66$331.92
BB-6BL6″ Brick Ledge66725.33$5.69$30.32$181.92
BR-6-26″ 2 Foot Arc Radius125.33$5.22$27.82$333.84
BR-6-46″ 4 Foot Arc Radius66.67$5.22$34.77$208.62
BR-6-86″ 8 Foot Arc Radius242.67$5.38$14.35$344.40
BR-6-126″ 12 Foot Arc Radius242.67$5.38$14.35$344.40
BR-6-166″ 16 Foot Arc Radius242.67$5.38$14.35$344.40
BR-6-206″ 20 Foot Arc Radius242.67$5.38$14.35$344.40
BB-8008″  Straight125765.33$4.88$26.00$312
BB-8908″ 90°Corner125766.44$4.88$31.42$377.04
BB-8458″ 45°Corner124804.89$5.32$26.00$312
BB-8DT8″ Double Taper Top124085.33$5.44$29$348
BB-8BL8″ Brick Ledge65765.33$5.94$31.66$189.96
BD-800BuildDeck 8″ Panel2411524.00$3.01$12.03$288.72
BD-1000BuildDeck 10″ Panel209604.00$3.55$14.21$284.20
BD-1200BuildDeck 12″ Panel167684.00$4.15$16.59$265.44
BL-400BuildLock 4″ Straight1611525.33$4.91$26.18$418.88
BL-600BuildLock 6″ Straight1611205.33$4.95$26.41$422.56
BL-800BuildLock 8″ Straight1610565.33$5.20$27.72$443.52
BL-1000BuildLock 10″ Straight1610565.33$5.24$27.92$446.72
BL-1090BuildLock 10″ 90°Corner86486.88$5.24$36.04$288.32
BL-1200BuildLock 12″ Straight1610245.33$5.38$28.70$459.20
BL-1290BuildLock 12″ 90°Corner86007.33$5.38$39.46$315.68
BL-BCBL Bridge Connector256Does 16 blks$0.32$81.79
HWCBL HardWall Connector256Does 16 Blks$4.51$72.17
GB-400GlobalBlock 4″ Straight w/ webs157805.33$3.20$17.03$255.45
GB-490GlobalBlock 4″ 90° w/ webs126727.56$3.20$24.15$289.80
GB-600GlobalBlock 6″ Straight w/ webs126725.33$3.46$18.47$221.64
GB-690GlobalBlock 6″ 90° w/ webs125768.00$3.46$27.72$332.64
GB-400GlobalBlock 4″ Straight no webs157805.33$2.94$15.64$234.60
GB-490GlobalBlock 4″ 90° no webs126727.56$2.94$22.18$266.16
GB-600GlobalBlock 6″ Straight no webs126725.33$3.20$17.08$204.96
GB-690GlobalBlock 6″ 90° no webs125768.00$3.20$25.63$307.56
BBUCK-400BuildBuck 4″ (Piece)197804 LF$3.92$15.66$297.54
BBUCK-600BuildBuck 6″ (Piece)187804 LF$4.06$16.25$292.50
BBUCK-800BuildBuck 8″ (Piece)166724 LF$4.34$17.38$278.08
    • All Prices U.S. Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice.
    • Prices above do not include shipping. Contact our sales staff today for more information and special pricing.
    • Allowing 10 days turnaround time will help ensure timely delivery of your order. Surcharges may apply for rush orders, special handling, and certain LTLs.
    • All Sales Final. No Returns. See our Order Policies for details.
BuildBlock ICF MSRP April 25, 2014