Building a BuildBlock ICF Basement


BuildBlock ICF forms are ideal for building a solid, dry, energy efficient ICF basement. This video in the BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms Installer Series takes you through a pre-prour review of an ICF basement. We’ll demonstrate wall stacking strategies for your basement and/or first floor walls. See each step with tips and suggestions for your project. . Basements built with ICFs are not just inexpensive space for heating systems, water heaters and laundry tubs but can also become recreation areas, Hobby rooms, offices or extra bedrooms. Because of the high efficiency of the thermal mass your basement will feel warm in


Asked & Answered: Unfinished Basement Fire Barrier


What’s required for my unfinished ICF basement? The BuildBlock Intertek IRR1003, requires a 15 minute fire barrier for all EPS that is exposed to the interior of the building. This can be drywall, which is typically the most cost effective method, stucco, plaster, EIFS, wood paneling, or any other finish product with a 15 minute fire rating. A stem wall or any other ICF wall below grade would not require anything as it is below a slab, however any area that is used for living space, storage, as an air transfer with the home, or is planned to be anything more than utility