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Energy Efficient BuildBlock Vineyard House Project

The Energy Efficient BuildBlock Vineyard House in Paw Paw, Michigan has caught the attention of many around the country and has improved the opinion of ICFs in the state. This attention came from the low cost, the design, and the sheer beauty of this sustainable home. All of these features are not the usual factors that someone might think of when considering a home with this extraordinary level of sustainability. You can’t tell by looking at it but this house is made of ICFs, with 4kw of Photovoltaics, geothermal units, concrete flooring, and much more. The design of this home is one that the


ICF Points to LEED

ICF Points to LEED Several green building standards have been created over the past several years to focus on reducing the environmental footprint that buildings have on local communities. Fortunately, Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are a clear choice for building designers to maximize points in many of these ratings. A quick review of the 69 possible points available in the US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction identifies energy savings as the most heavily weighted criteria, with up to 10 points achievable for buildings designed for energy savings over requirements set in code standards.


The Puddingstone Cottage

The Puddingstone Cottage is a 1,200 square foot all ICF earth bermed home. Even the retaining walls utilize ICFs for their toughness. Puddingstone Cottage is an all ICF home that utilizes full height earth berms on three sides of the house to achieve its ultra-high energy performance and added protection from Mother Nature. This hybrid home is an all-electric house built among 50+ year-old cottages near a lake in southwest Michigan and blends in handsomely with its surroundings. Puddingstone Cottage was designed and built by National Award winning designer/builder Adam Bearup of Hybrid Homes, LLC. Using the research gathered from Bearup’s


Press Release: BuildBlock Building Systems Ranks Top ICF Structural System in GreenBuilder Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BuildBlock Building Systems Ranks Top ICF Structural System in GreenBuilder Magazine Oklahoma City, OK – BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms, (ICFs) ranked as top ICF Structural System in the 2015 Readers Choice Survey by GreenBuilder Magazine. This annual brand awareness survey of Green building professionals, chose the greenest structural system products and BuildBlock ICFs are ranked at the top of the ICF list. Other structural systems in the category include engineered wood, SIP (structural insulated panels) and of course ICFs. GreenBuilder Magazine reads, “ICF manufacturers are just as popular as those offering engineered wood. ICF and SIP systems, once


White Paper- R-value and Performance of BuildBlock and BuildLock Knockdown Insulating Concrete Forms

The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry and is generally understood to indicate how efficient the insulation value of the material or product. R-value under uniform conditions it is the ratio of the temperature difference across an insulator and the heat flux (heat transfer per unit area per unit time, QA) through it or R=ΔT/QA. Thermal resistance varies with temperature but it is common practice in construction to treat it as a constant value. (A common method is to standardize the temperature at which the values are reported. (75° typical) (1). BuildBlock


Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall Future of Sustainable Efficient Construction with BuildBlock ICFs.

Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall, Yazoo City, MS is used by multiple congregations and is a design that has been built many times using wood frame construction. This building is used for more than 13 hours on Sundays and 3-4 hours each day during each the week. This building supports more than 100 people during its peak usage.This project was built in the same manner as all Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Halls. The labor for the construction is completely donated with the exception of the spray foam installation. The construction of this Kingdom Hall was highly choreographed to ensure that labor and



  Ker Thomson Home Awarded Best Large Residential, Built Using BuildBlock ICFs. This Houston, TX home is the only TRIPLE CERTIFIED (IBHS, USGBC, DOE) house in the country.  BuildBlock ICFs play an important role in achieving this incredible certification. First, ICFs are perfect for the US Gulf Coast. The coast suffers from termites, humidity, rodents, mold, mildew, heat, cold, rain, bugs, roaches, and of course, the occasional tropical storm and/or full blown hurricane. All of these are mortal enemies of wood framing and stick built houses are essentially obsolete before they are occupied. This region calls for building with a


BuildBlock Field Notes

BuildBlock Distributor Jim Deering takes a few minutes to discuss his method and strategies for installing ICF walls. This 15-minute video lays out a few ways that BuildBlock makes your job on site easier, faster, and nearly eliminates all waste.  


River Escape Net Zero 2011 GreenBuilder Home of the Year

We are proud to announce that our “River Escape” project was named GreenBuilder Magazine’s 2011 Home of the Year. This is very prestigious national award from one of the industries most respected green building magazines. This compact 1,267-sq.-ft. home does everything right, from its frost-protected shallow foundation to its ICF walls to its SIP roof. But it’s not just the shell that’s well above average. The home is zero energy and scored 32.5 points above LEED for Homes Platinum certification. Other key features include high-performance windows, radiant floor heating provided by a high-efficiency boiler (supplementing passive solar). A wood pallet


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