BuildBlock Field Notes – 005 Transporting ICF Blocks

Manufacturing BuildBlock ICFs is the first part of the process. Today we will talk about how to make sure they arrive safely and ready for your project. When manufactured, the ICF blocks are closely inspected to ensure they meet strict quality standards. They are then interlocked together, stacked in bundles, and packaged for storage and transport. These ICF blocks are now ready for use in your project. All BuildBlock ICFs are sold in bundles. This makes it convenient to package and safely transport. Most all BuildBlock ICF bundles are packaged in 4-foot cubes. BuildBlock prefers to ship all products in


BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide


The BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide is your quick installation reference in the field. This guide gives puts all the basic installation information at your fingertips: Footings, Course Placement, Door & Windows Openings, Rebar, Bracing & Alignment, and Concrete Pouring. This handy guide is no replacement BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual, but it is a great quick reference in the field. Order copies today for installers and customers. BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide Step 1: Footing or Slab Footing or slab must be level for best results (within 1/4” in all directions). Establish wall locations on footing or slab with chalk line. Place packaged