Texas Tripe Company Puts BuildBlock ICFs to the Test

Texas Tripe Freezer Project

Texas Tripe Company Chooses BuildBlock ICFs for in Freezer Project in Detroit, Texas. The Texas Tripe project is a unique use of ICF products with sustainability at the heart of the design and purpose. Texas Tripe is a company that produces raw frozen pet food. Running tight on the freezer space shared with a sister company that processes meat and smoked sausage, the decision was made to build a new warehouse and freezer space with three critical requirements: The building needed to be energy efficient while maintaining a temperature below 0 degrees.  The building needed to be strong, disaster resistant,


BuildBlock ICF Home Comfortable in Southern Heat

    This BuildBlock ICF Home Comfortable in Southern Heat with 45% humidity inside on a 100+ degree & 90% humidity South Carolina days. The home resembles triple wythe masonry, which is common in Charleston architecture and engineering. The window jambs and door details have the “Classical Architecture” and Old World look. Concrete is fundamental to architecture and engineering. The ICF forms might seem novel to some, but it makes perfect sense once you see them in action. The New Orleans/Charleston style chosen for this project was dictated by the community patterns,  and ICFs made it all the more simple to