Press Release: BuildBlock ICFs Releases Revised & Expanded Product Installation & Technical Manuals

BuildBlock Technical Manual

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BuildBlock ICFs Releases Revised & Expanded Product Installation & Technical Manuals. Oklahoma City, OK – BuildBlock Building Systems is pleased to announce the release of updated and revised installation and technical manuals for all BuildBlock products. The manual updates include new methods and examples of ICF construction, technical specifications, CAD Details, new product information and more. The BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual is the most comprehensive resource available to our customers when working with BuildBlock ICFs. BuildBlock includes detailed information for working with BuildBlock ICF products throughout all stages of construction. The manual provides best practices when building


Upping the R-value in ICF Construction

ThermalSert ICF Insulation Insert Panels

BuildBlock ICFs have an R value over R-22 and a performance value between R-45 and R-55, but sometimes customers demand something greater. BuildBlock created ThermalSert and ThermalSert KD to service that need. The ThermalSert product is added to each course of block to the inside of the outside wall. This foam insert adds an additional 4.2 R’s per inch of foam used, creating even greater insulation. Using the BuildLock Knockdown product creates the same thickness concrete wall with more than 40% greater insulation at the same time. Learn more about ThermalSert and ThermalSert KD at