BuildBlock ICF Features

Learn more about the features and benefits that make BuildBlock ICF the most installer friendly ICF system on the market. Professionals choose BuildBlock to save time and money on the job site. 

Built-in insulated web studs every 6-inches with the same strength as standard studs.
Patented "BB" High Density Hard Points deliver 450lbs. of pullout strength for attaching heavy fixtures such as cabinets.
The patented BuildBlock interlock is the tightest on the market eliminating costly clips, zip ties and other unnecessary costs.
The patented BuildBlock interlock is self-draining to prevent accumulation of ice, snow, and frozen water on the job site saving time and money.
Tongue and groove interlocks on the end of each block help keep blocks aligned keeping walls straight and plumb.

Vertical cut lines every inch works with the molded-in ruler to make straight cuts easy and fast on the job site.

Half-height cut lines make cutting half-height blocks simple and straightforward.
Horizontal cut lines every 2-inches make cutting half-height blocks or other sizes easy and straightforward.
bb-600 straight