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Video: Digital Product Catalog: BuildDeck ICF Decking


Video Transcript

Welcome to BuildBlock’s Digital Product Catalog. BuildBlock provides a wide variety of insulating concrete form products and accessories. Our one-stop shopping experience helps to make every job simple, cohesive, and efficient. This video is part of our Digital Product Catalog, which is a series of videos that will cover our entire product line.


In this video, we’ll cover BuildDeck. The BuildDeck floor and roof decking system is a lightweight, stay-in-place, insulating concrete form and is used to construct a solid, monolithic, and insulated concrete floor or roof. BuildDeck provides structural integrity through reinforced concrete while providing comfort and sound mitigation through superior EPS insulation. They are compatible with hydronic in-floor heating systems, offer easy electrical and plumbing installation, and allow for many finishing options on both the top and bottom. BuildDeck forms are 24 inches by 24 inches nominally and come in thicknesses of 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches to accommodate a variety of spans. The forms connect together, are set in place, and are held up by temporary shoring. If attachments need to be made, a steel c-channel can be installed as the forms are assembled.


On top of the forms, a grid of rebar reinforcement is placed before the concrete is poured. For more information on the construction of shoring walls, placing build deck forms, preparing them for the pour, or the pour itself, links to other videos from our YouTube channel have been placed in the description below. Prescriptive engineering is also available from BuildBlock for many deck applications, including clear spans for up to 40 feet.


From bucking, to bracing, to decking, finishes, and specialty applications, BuildBlock has everything you need to make your next ICF job a success. For more information on BuildBlock products, visit our website and online store via For more videos in this series as well as industry-leading training and education, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell icon to be notified when new videos are posted.


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