BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide


The BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide is your quick installation reference in the field. This guide gives puts all the basic installation information at your fingertips: Footings, Course Placement, Door & Windows Openings, Rebar, Bracing & Alignment, and Concrete Pouring. This handy guide is no replacement BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual, but it is a great quick reference in the field. Order copies today for installers and customers. BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide Step 1: Footing or Slab Footing or slab must be level for best results (within 1/4” in all directions). Establish wall locations on footing or slab with chalk line. Place packaged


ICF Home Building Design & Myths

BuildBlock ICF Myths Page 1

When looking at building a new home there are lots of different types of technology to consider. Insulting Concrete Forms (ICFs) are one of the fastest growing segments of the building market. BuildBlock has created the brochure below to explain how this technology integrates with standard home construction and to dispel  some of the myths about ICFs. This brochure describes Good, Better, and Best options for ICF construction and shows you options for building and ICF safe room. Image of the brochure are below. You can download a full size PDF here. ICF Home Design and ICF Myths Brochure


BuildBlock Adopts Intertek for all Product Testing

BuildBlock Building Systems is proud to announce that it has chosen Intertek for all product code evaluation reports. This change will allow all BuildBlock products to display the Warnock Hersey (WH) Certification mark. The WH Mark is recognized by all Authorities Having Jurisdiction including building code officials, fire marshals, and inspectors across North America. BuildBlock chose the Intertek IRR report to continue to provide the highest standards and code compliance testing information to code officials, building inspectors, and consumers. BuildBlock products are currently certified compliant for the 2009 IRC (International Residential Code) and 2009 IBC (International Building Code). Certification for


New ICF Ethylene Control Building Calvert City, KY

Westlake Chemical Plant - 02

Construction for a new Ethylene Control Building using 12″ BuildLock ( BuildBlock’s knockdown block system) is underway at Westlake Chemical Corporation in Calvert Kentucky. The building measures 55’-6” x 177’-6” and is 16’-10” high from top of footing to top of wall. This structure was designed to be explosion proof with a double mat of continuous reinforcing . Blast resistant windows and doors incorporate heavy steel bucks embedded into the 12” thick concrete walls. The unique web configuration of the BuildLock webs make it possible to construct the walls without the need to tie the reinforcing in place saving hundreds of