Video: ICF Carrier Footings and Concrete Pour Preparation

BuildBlock Field Notes are technical updates for professionals and homeowners about building with Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs). These short videos address a variety of topics. If there is something specific you’d like to know more about please contact us 866-222-2575 or [email protected]


BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide


The BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide is your quick installation reference in the field. This guide gives puts all the basic installation information at your fingertips: Footings, Course Placement, Door & Windows Openings, Rebar, Bracing & Alignment, and Concrete Pouring. This handy guide is no replacement BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual, but it is a great quick reference in the field. Order copies today for installers and customers. BuildBlock ICF Pocket Installation Guide Step 1: Footing or Slab Footing or slab must be level for best results (within 1/4” in all directions). Establish wall locations on footing or slab with chalk line. Place packaged


ICF Home Building Design & Myths

BuildBlock ICF Myths Page 1

When looking at building a new home there are lots of different types of technology to consider. Insulting Concrete Forms (ICFs) are one of the fastest growing segments of the building market. BuildBlock has created the brochure below to explain how this technology integrates with standard home construction and to dispel  some of the myths about ICFs. This brochure describes Good, Better, and Best options for ICF construction and shows you options for building and ICF safe room. Image of the brochure are below. You can download a full size PDF here. ICF Home Design and ICF Myths Brochure


BuildBlock Adopts Intertek for all Product Testing

BuildBlock Building Systems is proud to announce that it has chosen Intertek for all product code evaluation reports. This change will allow all BuildBlock products to display the Warnock Hersey (WH) Certification mark. The WH Mark is recognized by all Authorities Having Jurisdiction including building code officials, fire marshals, and inspectors across North America. BuildBlock chose the Intertek IRR report to continue to provide the highest standards and code compliance testing information to code officials, building inspectors, and consumers. BuildBlock products are currently certified compliant for the 2009 IRC (International Residential Code) and 2009 IBC (International Building Code). Certification for


New ICF Ethylene Control Building Calvert City, KY

Westlake Chemical Plant - 02

Construction for a new Ethylene Control Building using 12″ BuildLock ( BuildBlock’s knockdown block system) is underway at Westlake Chemical Corporation in Calvert Kentucky. The building measures 55’-6” x 177’-6” and is 16’-10” high from top of footing to top of wall. This structure was designed to be explosion proof with a double mat of continuous reinforcing . Blast resistant windows and doors incorporate heavy steel bucks embedded into the 12” thick concrete walls. The unique web configuration of the BuildLock webs make it possible to construct the walls without the need to tie the reinforcing in place saving hundreds of


60 Years of Tornadoes & Disasters Visualized

ICFs provide one of the best protections from all forms of disaster. That’s just one reason we’re so interested in seeing how those disasters affect all of us. Since we are based in Oklahoma we have always been fascinated with Tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, and more That’s why when we came across these really cool visualizations of tornadoes we couldn’t resist sharing it. View and enjoy! And remember, big bad Mother Nature can huff and puff, but she’s not going to blow your ICF house down. [youtube id=”eRDke7vreK8″] We are always looking at new ways to demonstrate the wrath of Mother


EPCOT – Building Code History

Advances in building codes and ideas come from many places. Some of those more unexpected than others. In the late 1960s as planning and design for what we now know as EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) at Disney World,  taking a new look at building codes and ideas was central to the park’s design. Special legislation from the Florida Legislature made this possible. Exploring new ways of thinking and creating environments to collaborate is what continually drives innovation. EPCOT Building Code The “EPCOT Building Codes” were implemented to provide the sort of flexibility that the innovative community of EPCOT


BuildBlock Safe Room Plans & Construction

Growing up in Oklahoma, BuildBlock is familiar with tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. That’s one of the reasons BuildBlock designed our products the way we did. Tight interlocks, integrated rebar hangers, and other features that take the hassle out of building with ICFs. BuildBlock has added FEMA Compliant Safe Room Plans to its technical manuals and detail sheets.View the gallery below to see how this product integrates inside a conventional wood built home and visit our Safe Rooms page for more information. Our national design partners, Nelson Design Group is in the process of converting their standard safe rooms and


Building Safer Homes & Schools with BuildBlock ICFs

ICF Home Kitchen

There are many ways to design homes, schools, and buildings to safely survive many different types of disasters. One of the most innovating technologies developed is Insulating Concrete Forms. Insulating Concrete Forms are EPS foam blocks that stack together in the shape of the walls of your structure, are reinforced with steel rebar, and filled with concrete. They include high density plastic support webs that hold the block together and provide a place to attach drywall, brick or other fixtures. The form forms stay in place and combine high resistance wind and impacts from hail and other storm debris and


How to Build Safe ICF Schools in Oklahoma

Ada Safe School

As many Oklahoma students prepare to hear the bells ring this school year, construction is beginning on a landmark early childhood development center in Ada, Okla. The center, constructed of BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs), serves a dual purpose. Completed in 2011 it serves as an educational facility for the Ada School District, a community safe room in the event of inclement weather. The insulating concrete forms being erected for the facility are comprised of two 2 ½ inch expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam panels connected by eight strong, high-density plastic webs. The forms are secured with rebar and filled with