Press Release: BuildBlock ICFs Releases BuildCrete Pool Plaster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BuildBlock ICFs Releases BuildCrete Pool Plaster Oklahoma City, OK – Released at the 2016 International Pool, Spa, and Patio Expo, BuildCrete Pool Plaster by BuildBlock ICFs is a true one-coat plaster designed to adhere directly to EPS foam, concrete, or other pool building materials. BuildCrete has been used in ICF construction for its durability, strength, and ease of application. It allows pool builders to be green without complexity, saving time and money on the job site, and creating a finish that will outlast any other plasters or finishing materials. “We introduced BuildCrete Plaster & Stucco products more than three years ago


Charis Homes Builds First Zero Energy Ready Home in Ohio with BuildBlock ICFs

zero energy ready home

Choosing BuildBlock ICFs as their primary construction system for exterior walls, the Wehrs realized they could easily build Ohio’s first Zero Energy Ready home simply, and cost effectively. Going Big AND Going Home When Chris and Lori Wehr moved to Ohio they were excited by the opportunity to build a new custom home. Chris works in the energy efficiency field so he knew that there were several building systems available that could produce exceptional results. The Wehrs approached Charis Homes, a leader in custom energy efficient homes in Ohio, with a solid idea of how they wanted their house to