ICF Bucking Overview – BuildBuck

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In this video, we go over the many features and advantages of BuildBuck ICF bucking. Video Transcription Hi, my name is Micah Garrett with BuildBlock Building Systems today, we’re going to talk about our buck system. This is our buck system that’s designed to go with your ICF block. This system will encase Your block and allow you to have an attachment point for all your windows The beauty of this system is that it’s the same type of material as the rest of your ICF block and so when you’re trying to finish or attach windows to it, it’s


BuildBlock ICF Installer Training Series: Basic Tools

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Basic Tools Welcome to the BuildBlock ICF Installer Training Series. This 20 part video series is intended to be an educational walk through of the ICF building process. From the early planning phases to pouring concrete and finishing walls, this series will provide the basic knowledge you need to have a successful BuildBlock ICF build. This video explores the basic tools needed to build with BuildBlock ICFs. We also discuss some optional tools that add speed and efficiency to your project. The videos in this series are produced as a companion to the BuildBlock Installation and Technical Manuals available for free download on


Press Release: BuildBlock ICFs Releases BuildCrete Pool Plaster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BuildBlock ICFs Releases BuildCrete Pool Plaster Oklahoma City, OK – Released at the 2016 International Pool, Spa, and Patio Expo, BuildCrete Pool Plaster by BuildBlock ICFs is a true one-coat plaster designed to adhere directly to EPS foam, concrete, or other pool building materials. BuildCrete has been used in ICF construction for its durability, strength, and ease of application. It allows pool builders to be green without complexity, saving time and money on the job site, and creating a finish that will outlast any other plasters or finishing materials. “We introduced BuildCrete Plaster & Stucco products more than three years ago


ICF Construction Tip: Bracing

Key to any ICF installation is a bracing and alignment system to keep the walls straight and plumb during the pour. One of industry partners, Fab-Form, has created an updated Zont ICF Bracing System that gives you a light weight, cost effective method of bracing Insulated Concrete Form wall using site available 2x4s. The Zont ICF bracing system consists of three components: Zont Waler Brackets: hold horizontal 2×4 walers and vertical 2×4 strongbacks solidly against the ICF wall. Zuckle Wall Aligners: plumb the strongbacks to align the wall to the stringline. 2×4 Walers & Strongbacks: held in the Zont bracket and