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How to Repair a Damaged ICF Wall Section

In this short video, DIY home-builder Chris shows you how he repaired a piece of ICF wall after it was damaged by wild animals.

Video Transcription: 

Here’s how to repair a rather fantastic hole that some wild dogs tore into the side of this building. Apparently, a small animal had gotten inside the wall and the dogs chewed this wall out to get to it. Now we’re lucky, you see, that the webs are in place. What I’ve done, we’ve cut another piece that matches it. I’ve chosen to take some that have webs in it so they embed in the concrete. I’ve just cut the far end off. Slide this up in here and fit it in just right.

So what I’ve decided to do is I’m going to put up a small temporary strap here to hold everything in place, foam it all together, and once that foam hardens up and I trim it then I’m gonna take the temporary straps off with a big piece of solid plywood all the way across. I’ll show you that in a minute.

Here we go! As soon as I get the first strap up. What I’ve done is gone into the adjacent webs I went right into that BB hardpoint. Those things are great. There we go. And then we’re just going to spray foam here.

We’re back here after lunch. This foam’s had time to harden up. Go ahead and take these temporary straps off. I like a little vibrating reciprocating multi-tool like this for cutting the foam flush. It’s not pretty. But it is pretty strong. We got it cleaned off here. A few holes and voids, we’ll fill that later after the concrete’s been poured and is all settled. For now, what we want to do is get some hard plywood up here to hold back the weight of the concrete. I’ve got some here. Just some short straps that were leftover from other parts of the job. And one thing I’m going to make sure is that I get at least two webs on each side of the blowout. And I’m going to screw these into the hard attachment points. And there we go. That’s secured. That should hold plenty during the pour.


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