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Congratulations on deciding to build your new home. BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) make concrete comfortable, quiet, safe, and energy-efficient. They survive natural disasters better than those built with traditional construction methods.

Traditional wood-frame construction can’t compare to the safety, permanence, resilience, and energy efficiency of walls built with insulating concrete forms.

As you begin formulating the plans for your new home, there seems to be no end to the number of choices you have to make. It’s natural to pour hours of time and effort into choosing the right paint, wall coverings, exterior finish and other aesthetics for your new home. Before you begin, take some time to decide what will be inside those walls.


Free BuildBlock Online ICF Training Courses Available Now!



Complete ICF Solution

BuildBlock manufactures a complete ICF solution for projects of any size or complexity. Form sizes from 4″-12″+


Fully Reversible Form

BuildBlock ICFs are 100% reversible. BuildBlock ICFs always fit no matter which way you turn it.


Longer Corner Forms

BuildBlock 90° and 45° ICF corner blocks are 6″ longer on each leg than the industry standard. This reduces bracing requirements, prevents corner pullout, and keeps walls straight and plumb.


Molded Tape Measure & Cut Lines

All BuildBlock ICFs have molded-in cut lines and numbered vertical cut lines. This makes it easy to get the right size each and every time.



Tightest Block Interlock

The tight interlock pattern ensures the blocks fit snugly together, don’t float when poured, eliminating time-consuming zip ties and costly clips.


6-Inch Web Spacing

All BuildBlock ICFs use webs spaced every 6-inches. This delivers more strength, straighter walls, and the strongest block on the market.


Dedicated Customer Service

BuildBlock provides customer and technical support resources for all types of users. Detailed installation manuals, how-to videos, engineering manuals, and more all to ensure your job is done right.


1″ Repeating Pattern & Lowest Waste

Lowest waste in the industry. The 1″ repeating pattern lets you cut off as little as 1″ and still be able to fully interlock the block in a wall. Use it all in your wall. Any scraps with at least one web can be integrated into the wall without sacrificing strength.



Patented High-Density Hard Attachment Points

Each web has two high-density 450lb.+ hard attachment points spaced every 8″ vertically to attached heavy cabinetry, bracing, and more directly to the ICF.


Embedded Studs

BuildBlock webs provide embedded studs anchored to the concrete 1/2″ below the block surface to prevent thermal bridging and webs showing through finishes such as stucco or plaster.


Truly Green & Sustainable Construction

BuildBlock ICFs build a structure that will last for generations, with reduced maintenance, and few additional costs. Build it once, build it for life.


Disaster Resilient

BuildBlock ICFs have a 4-hour fire rating, withstand winds in excess of 250mph, and nearly eliminates outside sound.




Your complete Insulated Concrete Forms Construction System.


The BuildBlock ICF product family delivers a solution for ICF projects of any size or complexity. Build your home using the most energy-efficient and disaster-resilient material on the market today. ICFs assemble faster with less hassle and cost than any other system.


ICFs can be used to build any structure and nearly any design.

residential-homesResidential Homes

ICFs are perfect to build your entire home. This provides maximum energy efficiency and disaster resilience.

foundations-basementsFoundations & Basements

ICFs are the fastest way to build basements and foundations. Solid insulation, strong walls, and worry-free construction.


Building multi-family structures, hotels, motels, and other high-density housing is fast and safer than any other building method.

retail-office-spaceCommercial Space

Freestanding office space, retail, and other structures all benefit from reduced lifecycle costs, maintenance, increased building safety and disaster resistance.

schools-churches-hospitalsSchools & Churches

BuildBlock ICFs deliver safe, comfortable, and disaster-resilient environment for schools, churches, hospitals, warehouses, and industrial buildings all benefit from ICF construction.


Build faster, extend your pool season with an insulated pool without sacrificing design options.



See educational videos, how-to features, product information, and project tour videos to help you better understand how to build your project and experience the possibilities with BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms.

BuildBlock ICF Introduction

Introduction to BuildBlock ICFs

Learn more about building with Insulating Concrete Forms, BuildBlock ICF products, design options, and solutions for your entire ICF project.

Building An ICF Basement

Build an ICF Basement

Walkthrough the project pre-pour inspection and see how this ICF basement was built, how to stage materials, erect bracing, and more.

How BuildBlock ICFs are made

How It’s Made: BuildBlock ICFs

See how BuildBlock ICFs are made, what makes them so energy-efficient, and why they are the most environmentally friendly and disaster-resilient building material.

Experience more educational videos, project tours, and more on our Youtube Channel!


Find Installation Manuals, Product Information, CAD Details, BIM Models, Engineering, Product Testing, Code Approvals, Specifications, Research, White Papers, and more!

install-manualsBuildBlock Installation & Technical Manuals

The BuildBlock Installation & Technical Manual provides a detailed, easy to read guide to ICF construction. This manual is perfect for any ICF contractor or DIY.

cad-detailsCAD Details

BuildBlock provides hundreds of CAD details to show you the best way to build with ICFs. Connections, finishes, radius walls, embeds, waterproofing, and more are all here.

bim-revit-modelsBIM & REVIT Models

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a great tool to help design your project from the start. Find BuildBlock BIM Models at BIMobject for all your favorite apps!

irc-ibc-code-complianceCode Approvals & Product Testing

All BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Form products are ICC code approved and tested. Access special approvals in Miami-Dade, Los Angeles, New York City, Florida, Wisconsin, and more.

research-whitepapersResearch & Whitepapers

BuildBlock delivers original research, specialty guides, and white papers on a variety of topics to better educate and prepare you for ICF Construction.



find-distributorFind A Distributor or Installer

Looking for someone to install your ICF, build your entire project, or provide technical assistance, accessories, or bracing rental?

icf-pricingICF Pricing

Are you looking for ICF pricing information for your project? Learn more about how ICFs are priced and how to build as cost-effectively as wood.

buy-nowBuy Online

BuildBlock is the only manufacturer with an online store for customers to buy directly. Register an account today and purchase BuildBlock ICFs and accessories directly from the manufacturer.

become-distributorJoin the Distributor & Installer Network

Do you work with ICFs now, are a contractor, or concrete specialist? Learning about adding ICFs to your services.

international-licensingInternational Technology Licensing

BuildBlock licenses its intellectual property for you to produce ICFs in your own country. Learn more about using our products in your locale.

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