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A Satisfied Customer – BuildBlock ICF Shelter

Check out what one of our customers said about his first BuildBlock experience.

“I’d like to have my dream home built with ICF’s in a couple years. So, about a year ago I decided I wanted to get a little experience and build an ICF storm shelter myself. I know this was a bit of an ambitious project for someone who works in a completely different industry and who had never seen an ICF block in person until I had the full semi load delivered to my yard a few months ago. I also didn’t want to take any time off from my regular job (40-50 hours a week), because I needed to pay for this little project somehow.

What I eventually settled on my design, it was about a 1200sqft storm shelter that is about 18ft below grade (to the floor) and with about 7ft of dirt on top of the structure. I wanted it to go extra deep to reach a fairly constant ground temperature (about 68 degrees +/- 2 degrees around here). Also, I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about hail damage if I went that deep.

This project took some pretty serious equipment to do the dirt work – moving about 3000 cubic yards to dig the hole, and about the same amount to bury and grade the surface afterward.” Thomas Janecek

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