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Building a Winning Team through Education

Steve Sierleja of BuildBlock South Central Texas has not only decided educating architectural students about ICFs is a good idea, he has set up a program to do just that with currently 37 students who have signed up to attend. “My feeling is that we need to educate the young up and coming architects about BuildBlock ICFs,” Steve said.

Steve’s program consists of time in the classroom as well as site visits, while also building a relationship with these young future professionals.  “First, I have gotten permission to provide a 1 1/2 hour classroom presentation to the senior and junior future architects,” Steve explained. “One hour will cover BuildBlock technical and the remaining time will be Q and A. The students will come to the site on a different day to see us stacking, followed by a second visit when we pour. At this visit, we will serve them lunch.”

“In addition,” Steve continued, “I have spoken with Construction News (a trade publication), to come out and write an article about the project. I have gone thru the leads generated over time and have invited these people to come witness us stacking and pouring as well.”

Mike Garrett, CEO of BuildBlock Building Systems was impressed with Steve’s idea. “The ICF industry must take the bull by the horns, and be the industry leader in education in teaching young architects and engineers if we are ever going to saturate the construction industry with the use of ICF’,” Mike said. “We are proud of industry leaders like Steve Sierleja who are actively involved in this education process.”